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I will NEVER step foot in Walmart again!! It doesn't matter how much 'lower' their prices are, how they treat their customers is terrible!!

My husband and I were out walking with our daughter, we pass by Walmart and decided to go inside and buy two bottles of wine for a dinner party we were going to later on. Now, I had left my ID at home so my husband told me to wait outside for him. Now apparently a Walmart worker overheard and went to the register where my husband was waiting in line, and told the cashier not to sell the wine to him! He was denied to buy the wine.

Now they are telling the managers that I tried to purchase the wine and didn't have ID and now my husband is buying it instead, and on top of that saying that I look like I'm not even 18(!), I'm sorry but I am 28! Now should I feel discriminated because I am short and Asian??? I've had many complaints about Walmart in the past, but this is the worst!!

I will tell EVERYBODY I know NEVER to shop at Walmart again. It's just not worth it, even go to CVC and pay $5 more is more worth it...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Are you sure you are over 18 and he was not your father buying for his under aged daughter? If you really were over the age of 18 you would know this is not discrimination, that they were just following the law.