Houston, Texas
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I went to Walmart 20 min ago to buy mi Grose ries like I normally do I was tiring to buy 2 bottles of white wine and the cashier ask for both identifications mine and my wife we're 41 years old but my wife's was expired and she se I'd mine wasn't enough she took the wine and put it away I can't not believe I spend 300dls and she treated us like we stole something I'll never be back there is other options

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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With such terrible spelling and grammar you were obviously drunk when you posted this. You should be thankful they took away the wine, one more sip and you would be unconscious on the floor.


It's Walmarts policy to ask and it is your responsibility to provide proof. Yours and your wife's.

It is not their fault that you and your wife could not provide proof. Not everyone looks their age and not everyone is honest.

Why would you feel that she was treating you like you stole something just because she did whatever she is suppose to do? You wouldn't feel that way from this situation unless you were actually trying to do something bad...