Kenner, Louisiana

I went into Walmart today and its a few days before Christmas. There are so many people in the store at 7 o'clock at night.

Me and my husband are only in tbere for a couple of things. We didn't even need a buggy. Out of 30 lanes there are only 8 of them open plus the self checkouts. 8 LANES OUT OF 30!!!!

So me and my husband are waiting in line to checkout and as we are waiting the cashier told us that she is closing and turns off her light so we basically just got kicked out of line. All the other lanes are backed up into the clothing section including the 20 items or less lanes. So we waited for the self checkouts and we still stood there for a few minutes. And self checkouts can only ring up 1 gift card at a time.

We were in there for about 30 minutes. Took us 10 to get what we needed and twenty to checkout. How absolutely ridiculous. Walmart you need to start hiring some more people to work the lanes.

There are many customers who wpuld like to not wait in such a long line to checkout.

We all just want to get our things and get out as soon as we can. I cant stand Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If they hire more people they have to pay them, if they start paying them they have to raise prices. Besides you went close to Christmas so what do you expect.

Also basic first grade English.

It should be my husband and I, not me and my husband. If you cannot stand Walmart why do you keep going there.


Because they have the lowest prices around where me and my husband live. so that is why, also it is one of the places that accepts our food stamps with no question or id requirment which I consider a breech of our privacy.

Besides my nephew works there and he is disabled and being harassed by an employee and mistreated and he does not pull anything while we are there. He has Asperger and can do his job well, but his busy body co worker is always following him around, harassing him and telling him what to do.

Basically treating him like he is an eight year old child. The manager is not doing anything without proof, so we have secretly videotaped him to prove he is being harassed and belittled.