Lewes, Delaware
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An old lady at the cashier names Judy was so rude, she threw a sign "land closed" in front of me, although she said it was for next customers, but she should not have done that! Very rude indeed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Do you feel that you can do a better job as a cashier than she does at Walmart?

Why not work at that particular location as a cashier and see what happens when you work more than ten minutes past your shift?

What is the cashier supposed to do? Keep the lane open until every customer is served even when she clocks out well past the end of her shift?


It is not rude to close the lane. It is not rude to close the lane after you.

It is not rude to close the lane after you.

Geesh. Bitter much?


First of all I am pretty sure the sign said "lane closed" I doubt it said "land closed" She most likely had to end her shift. Having worked in retail for another company they are not allowed to work more than ten minutes past their shift.

Putting a closed sign in front of you is not rude, especially since she served you. Looks like you are either a bitter person or trying to get something out of this. She probably wants to go home to her family. I know your family is ashamed of you and does not want to put up with you, but I am sure Judy probably has a family, with a husband, children.

Also as for her throwing the sign at you. I am sure that was all in your imagination.


Well well well. For once I actually agree with you Kevin. This person's complaint about the "LANE closed" sign is beyond petty, ridiculous and is just plain ignorant.

First B

I think it was a typo, the "D" and "E" are next to each other. Well not exactly next to each other but close to each other.