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After today I will never step foot into another Wal Mart store as long as I live. I was treated so incredibly disrespectfully and like I was a person of a lower class because I was using WIC to purchase some of my groceries.

I was told that the type of milk I was trying to buy with my WIC check was not allowed even though I have been purchasing that exact same brand from every other grocery store in the town where I live for the last year that I have been on WIC and I was assured from the nutrition counselor at my last WIC appointment that it was allowed on WIC. I was not given a reason as to why I needed to purchase the other kind of milk other than they didn't "think" it was allowed. I told the associate and two managers that were assisting her with the situation that I have always purchased that kind of milk and even showed them on the sheet where it shows you what you are allowed to buy that it said I was able to substitute 2 half gallons for a gallon of milk and they still did not seem to care what I had to say. They wanted to say that things had to be a certain way, but gave no logical explanation for it.

I did have a perfectly logical and reasonable explanation for wanting to purchase the 2 half gallons rather than the whole gallon however. The half gallons expired almost 3 weeks from today where as the full gallon expires in less than 7 days. My daughter will not drink the whole gallon in less than 7 days and I will have to throw it out and then go back to buy more milk before the end of the month. The associate and one of the supervisors then started talking to each other under their breath and all my husband heard was the associate say, "I'm not even going to ask her".

When my husband asked, "ask what?" Neither the associate nor the manager that she was whispering with responded to his question. Then as I was putting my receipt in my wallet and packing up my things to get ready to leave, the cashier started ringing up the people behind me in line without even aknowledging my existence. I was still standing there, waiting for her to say some sort of closing formalities (i.e. Have a nice day, thank you for shopping at Wal Mart, etc.) and not once did the cashier or any of the now 3 supervisors that were present say anything to me as I left.

This is the 3rd time in as many visits that I have had the worst customer service of my life at Wal Mart. I felt the associates and supervisors/managers were just saying no because they had the power to do so. They had no common courtesy toward me or my husband whatsoever. I will never shop at there again and will do everything in my power to prevent all of my family and friends from shopping at any Wal Marts as well.

This is the only time in my life that I have been so upset by a situation that I decided to contact the company. I hope you are able to remedy the situation in some way as I left the store feeling that Wal Mart cares only about money and couldn't care less about their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are of lower class. Lol.

Tell your "husband" to support his family. The taxpayers shouldn't have to!


There are guidelines to using wic and the register prompts what is or is not wic approved. Everything has to be exactly as the voucher states.

You can not substitute one thing for another unless it is stated on the voucher. Wic will not accept it and if it is over ridden, the store does not receive credit for the entire voucher. You want what YOU want whether it is allowed or not. If the other stores let you do this then go shop there.

You sound very childish.

Their are rules to everything. Learn to abide by them and stop throwing a childish hussy fit.


From what I have heard about WIC different stores can have different requirements as long as they fall within guidelines. This pertains to brands as well as other things.

As far as you daughter not drinking a full gallon of milk in seven days, you could use it to make pudding, various other cooking, on cereal, etc. As far as that goes you and your husband could even drink some of it.

Just because it is bought with WIC doesn't mean your daughter is the only one that can consume it.

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