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I wanted to price match a few cokes but didn't tell the cashier until he was on my second item..he rolled his eyes and said he'd have to void out transaction.I mentioned not knowing it was necessary to tell him first and apologized, he then said it was common sense.

Needed to say, I told him that was unacceptable and he was mean for no reason...

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I'm confused.Was the item he had already scanned the item you wanted to price match?

If so, he would have had to void the one item off and ring it again at the matched price. If it wasn't, he wouldn't have had to void anything. There's no reason he would have to void an entire transaction, because only the items being price matched would need to come off to be rescanned.

Of course you need to tell the cashier when you are price matching, but if the item is scanned before you are able to because you are unloading your cart or something, it's not that big a deal to fix it.I was a cashier for two years, and it's literally a touch of a button.


He is right. It is common sense.

to Anonymous Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #1067261

Agrees, simple common sense a five year old can use.

to Sherleigh #1067281

You people are ignorant and MEAN

Those cashier's should be on top of their customer service...they're who brings these customers back.

I'm a manager in retail, have been for 7 years, there's no way one of my cashier's would ever roll their eyes and be so rude, fix the situation for the customer, it's NO big deal.Treat people with respect and they'll do the same to you..that's comen sence , correct

to Anonymous #1073952

No one is being mean.

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