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Once again I have bought a piecepiece of *** at Walmart.Do you realize that so much of your items you sell don't work. Bad ice cream.

Never have I bought stale ice cream. It was horrible to open up a container of nasty ice cream. It's nasty to open a pk. Of meat only to find half of the back side was total thick layers of fat tucked in to the inside and back fat tucked in to a way you couldn't see it thru the front view.It was nasty.

M M candy was stocked with the ecp. Date 2014 . I had bought 4 big bags for my mom's b day and for her to discover them old. Very old.

My face turned red . I am still upset about that. Bought snake repelint only to discover when I got home and opened the lid to the repelint to find it had all ready been opened with 1/3 was used. Tennis shoes made out of soft foamie like stuff for the soles.

Cheese that I should of checked out It was over 30days rxp. Double tagging our items at cashier. Stealing money from me buy asking cash back at cashier.

She keeps it.

When you realize it's gone you go back inside after you had already walked out of the store the cashier alot of the time sweares she gave it to me. This happening two times to Mr!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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