Sacramento, California
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There is a cashier in the garden center at the Walmart in West Sacramento California that needs to be FIRED! She is rude, acts like dhes doing me a favor checking me out, today.

I got home and the *** didnt even get me all of bags! What a rude person she is!

She makes me feel uncomfortable and. I wont b going back there!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You left kids alone in a car while you shopped?????? And a person should leave the register just because you forgot bags??????? What a *****


You don't understand to the person that I replyed to my letter, i had my kids in the car my four year old son. I guess i should not be upset but I was because one of their security came to my car and talked to my son even though he was not to talk to strangers then he threatened to call the police if I left my son in the car alone again.

I left the window down so he was not hot. this is part of the reason I was mad, and I did not want to keep him alone for long. So I took my bags and left. I left two behind thinking they were someone elses because there was someone else in front of me.

The cashier said she called me maybe she is lying, maybe she did not hear me, but she should have left the register and gave me my bags instead of stealing them.

She needs to be fired, she tried to steal my bags. She should have followed me and told me I left my bags behind.


Obviously a bogus post as you can't even keep your story straight, going from "kids" in the car to one son.


It sounds like you're lying and fabricating and don't know to watch your kids. There's so many details you're leaving out.

If you're going to leave your young kids into the car instead of taking them into the store with you, you shouldn't be an parent. That's bad parenting.