Springdale, Arkansas
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So I went to walmart and bought beer for my husband and my 17 year old daughter was with me. I was asked to show my I.d.

and then they wanted my daughter to show her I.d. of course she doesn't have one and I told the cashier that. This is the dumpiest policy I have ever heard of. If u that worried about under age drinking why the *** do u bother selling it.

Walmart is suppose to be a one stop shop but I tell u what they don't have to ever worry bout me buying alcohol again from them. This has happened to me before. I normally don't have a problem with store policies but this one takes me to the highest level of pisstivity. Why sell it if you gonna make it such a inconvience for your CUSTOMERS?

WHY WHY WHY. Should I leave the kids in the car while I buy groceries and buy alcohol. Oh I forgot U CANT. SO please tell me what should I do with my kids in this situation.

And if my child does have a I.d and they r under age but I am buying alcohol for myself and of course I am over 21 u seriously want sell it to b because my child isn't over 21. This is utterly ***.

Should I bring their birth certicates in with me when I want to buy alcohol. Please advise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I say *** wal mart.


I would say alcohol is something you need less of.


While you may be old enough to purchase alcohol you sure act like a two year old. They are just following the state law.

You really don't need alcohol if you act this way while sober. How are you going to behave after a few drinks if you cannot behave in a mature way when sober?


Your daughter would have been fine waiting in the car. Next time go to a liquor store.