Stamford, Connecticut

This african american women ,start to screeming at me and took my bag from the spining thing in front of the cashier she to hit me and No security guard,or nothing she was bloquing me to got out and touch my face ,i didn't do nothing because I though they have manager or security guard but they didn'tcare That happen so fast that I couldn't call the police but what could happened if she really hit me or I hit back

What happen with the security of your costumers

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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First Born Triplet

The store is a big store, security cannot be everywhere, besides how were they to know this woman was some psycho lunitic, you yourself said it happened so fast you could not call the police, then it also happened so fast they could not get security there. If it got worse I am sure that security would have been there.


You just stood there and took abuse because you thought someone would come rescue you? Way to play us the damsel in distress.