Tribes Hill, New York

Update by user Jan 05, 2016

I am foolish, and young and after a couple days of thinking...who knows why the cashier didn't "like" me or have the patience but I didn't need to vent publicly. Very petty....sorry to all

Original review posted by user Jan 03, 2016

Had worst experience with naugatuck, ct walmart. Had issues with swiping my card and instead of helping me the cashier wanted me to put all the stuff back.

She thought I had no money. Long story short, manager came and manually entered card info and I left crying, with groceries. In an attempt to let Walmart know that I felt discriminated against, I called Laura, the manager and she hung up on me. I Called back and talked with some other lady.

She took the time to listen to what happen but her response to the situation was, "well what do u want me to do about it". about reassure the customer and let her know that the cashier will have to review proper customer service and general common courteousy....extremely disappointed

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Discrimination? Why, did you look and/or dress like a ***?


It is none of your business how an employee is discipline, and stop claiming discrimination, it makes you look foolish.


The point of this is to inform of bad experience... maybe vent.

Customer unhappy to point of breaking down shouldn't happen. Having to pull teeth in order for someone to help is sad, especially when the cashier treats you differently than the previous check out. Only one foolish is one who ASSUMES what person is trying to say about the lack of customer service. Not once did person mention a form of discipline either...going over proper way to communicate to customers is important.

Not everyone is personable but you need to have some level of respect and understanding and willingness to help others. Very sad you misunderstand...happy new year


I have to agree with the person. Claiming discrimination makes the person look foolish.

The person ruined their review by claiming that. I sympathized with them at first until they played the discrimination card. People here are quick to play the discrimination card here, and that is a shame.

Bob, I could be wrong, it is probably not about the way they dressed, that they are claiming discrimination but the color of their skin or religious background. That is usually the case.