I am so fed up with the two Walmart stores near me in Lebanon, VA & Pounding Mill, VA. I have to check the dates on every food item I purchase there and Lebanon is the worst for having products that are 3 or more weeks outdated and then other items they never keep in stock.

They are unorganized and they both seem to employ the rudest people possible as cashiers, deli, & managers.Also, I go through the trouble of separating my items as they should be bagged only to have the cashier to pick & prowl through my items and bag them improperly as they would've done in the first place.

They only items they seem to want to bag together is canned items, & that's only to put them all in one bag, so it can burst open while I am carrying it into my house. Since Walmart does have better quality bags than the other stores I've been to, you can imagine how many canned items they are cramming in them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #887706

I also got sum bad canned food from walmart near me that was labeled Alpo. Tasted like ***,gave me the gas and turds so bad I blew my intestines out and now need to see the doctre.


Yep, makes sense. Walmart is like that everywhere, not just where you are.

I shop elsewhere to save myself headaches. They suck.

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