Walmart 54/division wyoming michigan was going take sam's club lemon soda 9 cans total which is .90 Customer service desk cashier scans item "we dont sell this item here we cant give u credit" then why 2 minutes later goto pop aisle there is 12 pack sams club lemon soda boy i could really show her all i would have do is buy 12 pack go back service deask show receipt have cashier scan 12 pack oh we do sell this item no---- why do u think been canning for 16 years plus looks i know more about cans, beer bottles then all employees combined just cause item doessnt scan system p.o.s. terminal connected main frame store##----- does not mean anything "add on code" basically everything in store is tracked by satellite or main frame computer still one item that sell could be "one time drop shipment " meaning item replace current stock which is 30 day in stock bulk delivery i habe come acss number stores compueter does not recognize item scanned but store still has item on shelf.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why don't you go back to school and learn how to improve your grammar? Maybe they couldn't understand you.

They might sell the item, but it could still have a different number in the computer, than what yours had. Did you have your cans in the pkg. or were they separate?

That might make a difference. All in all your ranting and bragging about how much you know doesn't make you sound real smart.

to anonymous #951575

Agreed! They try to sound smart yet make themselves sound dumber with each word. Please go back to school!

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