My husband and I recently went shopping at our local Walmart. We had a large amount of groceries, so we settled for the first belt

register we came to. It was a bit of a wait. The cashier was nice and curtious towards us. The problem was with our coupons.

Apparently while the cashier was scanning my coupons, she had found a good coupon ($0.25) on one of our yoqurt boxes and took it off.

She had told me that she had found a coupon, but didn't tell me that item it was for. At the end of the transaction, I had handed her

the rest of our coupons. While she was scanning the coupons (she had done the one she had found first), the register wouldn't accept

one of the coupons. The coupon ($0.75) was for the same yoqurt. The cashier tells me that she can't accept both coupons. I would have

to pick one of them. I told her that I wanted the $0.75 coupon to be the one used. She took the $0.25 coupon off and put the other on.

She then asks her manager (who happened to have been standing behind her) what to do with the other coupon. Here she had written her

id number on all of the coupons after she had scanned them. It apparently is Walmart policy to avoid coupon theft. Her manager told

her just to give the coupon back. She then gives us the coupon back. We checked out and the cashier tells us have a good day and

apologizes. Now I have a coupon I probally can't use. All because of a cashier who jumped the gun and didn't check the coupons ahead

of time. I won't be returning to her line anytime soon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I bet you would have bitched if the cashier did not take the $0.25 coupon off of your purchase. Get over it, princess.

Entitled little ***.


The reason that some of the items have coupons attached to them is so that the customer will see the coupon, take it off, and adjust as necessary. Maybe she did jump the gun a little, but the incident could have easily been avoided.


This is an incredibly dumb thing to post about.


If you are going to use coupons check your items for attached coupons yourself. That way you can decide which coupon to use.


your a *** ***....getting mad over a 25 cent coupon!

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