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Rudest cashiers and employees of any retail store I've ever shopped in, not to mention their subpar merchandise and shady business practices!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Had my credit card compromised at this store on July 30th. do not use your card at this store


You came on this site for support, just like many others. But ran into these main commentators.

You know who they are and they know who they are, you're giving them what they want. If you look around this site at other reviews or complaints postings. You will found this is these main commentators form of amusement, a place for them to try to belittle the others, to make themselves appear superior. They may come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious.

Also they often monopolize conversations and may belittle or look down on people they may perceive as inferior. They may feel a sense of entitlement and when they don't receive special treatment, they may become impatient or angry. I would of written a supportive comments for you to read, but all they would do is attack anything positive subjected. So, now I just inform other.

Please don't even replay back to their attacks.

That is what they want you to do. Hope this is helpful.

to Anonymous #924427

He came to this site for support, however not many people are going to support someone who mistakes being told no as rudeness. Well for one thing your son moved far away from you, you beat your wife and daughter (admitted to it on your review and don't have the guts to post your real name) and I am the crazy one.

You follow people from post to post because they told you off and I am the crazy one.

You sir are the crazy one. You admitted on the American Airlines complaint that you beat your wife and daughter.


Hmmm. Maybe it all depends on where you live.

I live in a very small town and walmart had very little competition here, but I have always found the stores to new quite pleasant and the associates more than helpful.

Any complaints I've had are not even worth mentioning. I have to say, I'm glad I live here and not near some of the posters on this site where walmarts are apparently the devil.

to Anonymous #924060

Like I said I think the rudeness here was not having the rules changed just for him. 90 percent of the time when people complain not just for walmart but any company they mistake being told no as rudeness.

Bend, Oregon, United States #923734

Actually, no, Wal Mart OBVIOUSLY ROCKS. That's why there are THOUSANDS of complaints on this ONE website, all concerning the same thing: a basic lack of attention or legitimate concern for the customer, to include poisons laying around on shelves.

This greedy, corporate giant screws over animals and poor people across the planet, even shutting down small, downtown businesses across America, and you think I'm embellishing my complaint because I'm a 6 year old? Well, let me tell you something, buddy, you haven't done enough investigating of the complaints against this greedy giant. What do you care anyway?

You're not one of the Walton descendants worth trillions. What difference does it make to you if I come here to complain that my hundreds of dollars are not worth spending in this dump, where inbreds, and those who could never be hired as waitresses or bankers, work?

Bend, Oregon, United States #923732

Derp, genius, derp idee derp. I don't PLAN on going back, tardboy.

I don't HAVE to state how they were rude to me. The employees at my local Wal *** are always rude to everyone! It's not up for you to decide whether or not I need to provide any more information than MY opinion that the entire company is *** *** as are their products and uneducated employees. Most likely the employees hate their *** jobs, especially at this time of year, and are *** rude to everyone about it.

No, fuckboy, I did not ask to "get my way." I was just buying ice. And F*CKING RUDE were those involved in my complaint that this place SUUUCKKS.

to dylanfreak76 #923966

Like I said most likely the rudeness is not giving in to your temper tantrum. With your terrible spelling and grammar and use of words that don't exist I know you are six years old.

You have no choice where you shop, your parents take you where they want to. You don't have to state how they were rude to you because you know I was right in they were rude because they did not give in to your temper tantrum, and with your immature childish replies to those who disagree with you I wonder if you are the rude one?

Bend, Oregon, United States #923730

Herp derp Dee derp idee derp, mother ***.


Then don't go back genius. Also how were they rude to you.

You never stated this. Did someone say no to you and you mistook being told no as rude?

Just asking because this often happens on this site, not just from Walmart customers but competitor customers as well. Most likely if all the cashiers are rude the real rude person is you by throwing a temper tantrum like some six year old when you do not get your way.

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