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I ama truck driver and deliver to WALMART Distribution Centers. WALMART orders hundreds of trailers of goods/products every day.

Ever time a driver delivers a load to a Distribution Center they ha to pay a $50 lumper (manual labor) fee so that the WALMART employee? can unload the trailer. The WALMART employee (lumper) gets paid hourly (by WALMART) to do their job... unloading and taking care of the unloaded goods.

This is not a subcontractor to do this job but, WALMART employees. Talk about a scam.

Charging truck drivers to unload their own (WALMART) freight. In the times we are having this is just another way that WALMART gets away with over charging for their own goods.

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Stop being lazy, unload your own truck and you won't have an issue.


This comment is so *** it's funny


It is the truth, if this person want's someone to unload their truck they should unload them themselves. It is you not the comment that is stup1d.


Right because truck drivers also carry forklifts in their trailers eh "unfairhiringprastices". In case you're to dumb to realize there's some sarcasm in my comment.


People. People

Everyone is missing the main point.

FACT this has been going on for 50 yrs that I know of and is common practice at EVERY grocery warehouse. FACT lumpers are unskilled labor that change their fees as they see fit, no regulation. FACT this under the table business has just recently become the interest of IRS. Government noticed millions of untaxed dollars.

FACT Wal-Mart is ONLY one to set a fair fee of 50 dollars and get you out the gate in under 4hrs.

Now ask yourself who pays this fee next time you see package of bacon with 4 dollar sticker on it


My company pays $200 unload fee and we pay $50 to Wal-Mart so we make $150 on those loads and you won't hear me complaining


It's true I don't get it. It should be taken care of the shipper and that includes all grocery warehouses.leave the driver out of it we got enough to worry about


I agree.I want to organize people to

Stand against Walmart

Stop going to walmart

I was and all my family went to Walmart

Sams club as well.Not anymore

The owners are the top wealthiest in the WORLD and ripping people off Customer sevice is terrible employees are rude LOVE TO SEE WALMART OUT OF BUSSINESS. THEY HAVE PUT ALOT OF smaller businesses out of business Sam Walton would turn over in his grave If he knew how the company was today He started out buy AMERICAN.

so much for AMERCAN products now. Mostly all imports NO MORE WALMART


There are companies out there ( I work for one ) that charge drivers unloading fees, even though the warehouse guys unloading the freight are being paid by the company (as fully benefitted and very well compensated) employees. The company is collecting the fees, but none of us employees are seeing a dime of it. It's just plain sleazy, nothing more, to charge a driver when you are paying your employees to do the job anyway.


Walmart is a big enough company that they can afford to pay their employees and not expect the truckers to do so. Recently hubby says they haven't been charging him but they were earlier in the year.

to "thebigba" I say this-I don't care what YOU have to do the trucker should NOT have to pay for it.

You are being paid by Walmart to break down the pallets why should the trucker have to pay you out of his own pocket too? If Walmart isn't paying you enough to do YOUR job then complain to them and stop expecting the truckers to support you.


First i am a current lumper. Let me tell you about what i do.

I not only unload your trucks i break down every pallet taken off your truck. My hands may touch every one of 3000 cases stacked on those pallets. It is ny job , ill place cases of the same item to their own pallets where sone of your pallets will have several different items. This process has to be done in order for your load to be properly received and thoroughly checked before your truck can leave our dock.

I do my job faster and more efficiently than any truck driver who ever lunped their own load at the warehouse they work.

Which is because its my job. If you dont want to hire someone like me fine sit 2hours on the dock breaking it down ill just keep making my money from drivers who want to get their trucks back on the road.


I own a lumper service and a trucking company.first of all if anyone hauls a load that doesnt pay for the unloading,shouldnt be hauling the load.the warehouse pays the unloading along with the transportation cost.its all adding into shipping cost.so your not paying for it.if you are your ***.






Having been a warehouseman (loaded and unloaded hundreds of trailers personally), a transportation manager and now V.P. of Operations I can tell you that lumper fees are a RIP OFF.

It's a scam, plain and simple and people posting *** about $50 is fair are full of ***.

It's nothing but a way to make more money off the industry. And it $50 a PALLET, not a load.

There is NO WAY it would cost me $300 to unload a trailer even with just a pallet jack.

It's a SCAM, nothing more. A SCAM!


It's 50 dollars for the load. So one of two things about your comment come to mind.

Either you are full of B.S. or you just have no clue what you are talking about.


go to most grocery warehouses and see how much they charge. if you do takes some lube with you


50.00 is cheap worth every penny for them to unload it.


Just unload all 2500 pieces per trailer yourself. The fee is optional and I'm sure the full-time crew would like to watch you try and get 1% of that unloaded without keeling over.

(I used to work as a fulltime walmart truck unloader)

You can also switch jobs if you like, but everyone does it.


Can't always unload your own trailer at some places. Some have "closed" docks (food companies) where only that company's employees are allowed to handle the incoming freight. That's a food safety concern, but lumper fees are still a rip off.


Nothing new. Wal-mart's been doing it for at least the last 12 years that I know of...along with Target, Albertsons, and numerous other large companies. But you don't have to use their lumpers...you can unload it yourself and save your money.