Richmond, Kentucky
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Walmart is allowed to charge the wrong price at checkout. They will have a price up that says one price and you often get rung up higher at checkout.

If you don't watch prices on everything as it scans you will get robbed. How many customers a day in every Walmart in the world does this happen to. I wonder what their profits are on what they've stolen from customers. I think it's a scam that is done as if on accident.

I no longer food shop at Walmart because I don't want to be robbed.

I go to Save-alot where the service and prices are excellent or to Kroger for the items on sale, that ring up correctly.

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Also they fired me when I used their price checker to change the prices. .

They found out that I overrided a nintendo DSi for 50 cents and fired me when they owe me money. They steal at least 9.33 percent of my pay. When I asked them about it they lied and said the government takes that for taxes. What a way to treat a new employee.

They also fired me because I switched the price tags when I was working to get things cheaper. At first they gave me the price, then I got called by the manager for and LP and they said that switching price tags to get a cheaper price was illegal. This is not illegal, not giving it at the displaced price is illegal. No matter if it is me, who switches the price.

The customer to try and get the item cheaper or an associate. They robbed me. Think about this. I am only 16 and they robbed me.

Not only this my parents are mad a me because I got fired. They refuse to see my side. I don't know what lies they told my parents but they believe I commited fraud. *** you Tyler for firing me.

Since i am 16 they had to call my parents before firing me, this only happens when we do somethingillegal and I did nothing illegal. Just stitched the prices because I did not have enough money to pay for things and because they steal my money and blame the government.