I made a purchase at Walmart of $81.10. I ran my card thru as a debit card and it was declined.

The cashier told me that sometimes that happens, so run it thru again as a credit card, and then it was accepted. When I looked at my bank statement it showed that I was charged TWICE for the $81.10!

I went back to Walmart and they asked me if I had come in again and bought the same exact amount of $ of merchandise!!! Are you kidding me?? I said no, so they credited my account for $81.10.

I checked and my bank statement showed the credit.

The next day I looked at my statement (online) and it showed that Walmart charged me again for $81.10!! I went to Walmart and they told me that my bank had charged that last $81.10. They told me to go to the bank and to take it up with them. I went to my bank and explained everything that happened.

They ran the paperwork and showed me on paper that it was Walmart that had charged me again, and not the bank. So now I have to dispute the charge against Walmart.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $81.

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If you were seeing a charge to your account later than the refund it’s because you called while it was still pending. The refund posted faster than the original charge which I find amazing because they handled it and what you were saying is ridiculous. You didn’t have the intelligence to connect the dots and see that the two cancel each other out ?


I was charged twice for an Xbox one controller. I will see how the process goes today.


I don’t as rung up after a power outage test and my card wasn’t going through for my purchase of 100.59. She had me try 2 more times and finally it worked but my bank statement says I was charged all three times.

They told me I have to wait until tomorrow to see if it is refunded. Your post has me freaked out now.


Same thing just happened to me. We are headed to the bank tomorrow to try and figure it out. The employees at Walmart were less than helpful and we got a different story from 2 different managers.


they did the same to me today except they charged my card three times then credited me for one of the charges, will be talking to them in the morning as well as the local news channel with my receipt and bank statement in hand.


I'm having the same problem. I'm so pissed!!!!

Made a purchase for $169.90 and I'm being charged 3 times for the same purchase. The only thing Walmart has to say is I need to get a hold of my bank!

I basically can't do anything until Monday when the bank is open. This has me to the point that I will never order anything from walmart.com!!!!


Wal mart is not secure to shop for the new pick up. Some one that has to be internal...tried to buy items in Illinois for pick up from a account *my sons* in california. Thank goodness we have a good bank who declined the 600.00 computer they tried to buy.


Happened to me on July 4th!!! I'm so pissed!!


It happened the same to me. And the manager told me to find a lawyer.


Are you looking at transactions on-line? Charges will show up as pending right away and may show up for a few days to a week until they are finally posted. It may be that you are seeing multiple pending charges but only one will finally post to your account.


I just placed an order on walmart.com and had just put 260. On my debit card befor i placed this order.

After placing my order 2 days later i went to use my card and sice I only spent half of the 250 at walmart.com I knew i had money on my card but it was declined. I embaresed go to my car and chheck my debit card account on my phone. WALMART HAD CHARGED ME TWICE FOR THE SAME ITEM. I ALSO FIND THAT YOU DONT GET A HUMAN WHEN DEALING WITH WALMART.COM.




I just bought a Wal-Mart moneycard several days ago. The first and only transaction I made so far was for YouTube Red, and I quickly found out it charged me twice after I was declined on another purchase I was planning on making. I have been on the phone for over a half hour on hold l, waiting to dispute this.


This just happened to me. Two weeks ago I placed two seperate orders.

Walmart charged the card. The online status said "pending" as it should........two days later the two online orders were marked as purchased....but then........there were two more charges for the exact ammounts. I called my bank....which happens to be "Walmart MoneyCard"

I was told....."oh, that's the merchants fault, they double charged you. Call them.

" Walmart says, "nope...that's the Moneycard teams problem, call them" This goes back and fourth for almost two weeks.

Today I finally went nuclear. I went up the chain at Walmart.......took a LONG time.....but I ended up speaking with an executive at Walmart Headquarters. He checked the statements (I cut and pasted them to the online chat).

He researched.....it took awile.......I stayed calm with him because he was actually trying to DO SOMETHING about it.

He finally chimes in and says...."Yes, this was our mistake. Please accept my apology. Check your moneycard, the amount should be posted on there." It was.

He then says "I have no idea why this was not solved with the frontlines of our customer care, it was an easy fix.

Again, I apologize and I hope you will continue to stick with us despite this."

Thank you Mr. Man at Walmart for actually takling the TIME and EFFORT for helping me

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1195334

I just got charged 5 times. They wouldn't credit it even though it shows on my phone that they did.

It even has the time stamps. Two are for the same exact time and two more are as well and one is within a few seconds of the other four. Seriously?

They said I have to wait 4-5 days for it to appear as not pending but gone through. In the meantime, this takes my account balance down.


Walmart double charged me and then gave me a credit for one of the charges and I have to wait for up to 15 days to get a refund check from them. You can request it online or call them.


yup.. sometimes their credit card charging system doesn't work (or so it says so) then you will swipe again and get charged twice! now I have to call 479-277-2643 to dispute...

to Anonymous #1464594

Today is April 17, 2018. In checking some taxable contributions that I made in 2018, i noticed 2 charges for $325.00 on my online bank statement for May 1, 2017.

I am a busy person, so It took me about 3 weeks to buckle down and check on the "double hit".

I made a phone call to my bank; my bank made some calls to Wal-Mart; my bank literally handled everything for me inside less than one hour; and then informed me that Wal-Mart would be investigating the incident; and that my $325 would show up in my bank account the next day. It pays to have a good bank and it pays to be a "preferred advantage customer".


Yes I got charged $350 twice


The exact same thing happened to me! I am starting to wonder if Walmart is doing something fraudulent!

When my bank looked at the transaction it showed I went to two different cashiers.

Which wasnt the case. Also it showed it was deposited to two different banks.

Clarkston, Michigan, United States #648910

Walmart charged me twice for a package of fig newtons yesterday, May 9th 2013, they may have double dipped before, this is the only time I caught them.

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