I made a purchase at Walmart of $81.10.I ran my card thru as a debit card and it was declined.

The cashier told me that sometimes that happens, so run it thru again as a credit card, and then it was accepted. When I looked at my bank statement it showed that I was charged TWICE for the $81.10!

I went back to Walmart and they asked me if I had come in again and bought the same exact amount of $ of merchandise!!! Are you kidding me?? I said no, so they credited my account for $81.10.

I checked and my bank statement showed the credit.

The next day I looked at my statement (online) and it showed that Walmart charged me again for $81.10!! I went to Walmart and they told me that my bank had charged that last $81.10. They told me to go to the bank and to take it up with them. I went to my bank and explained everything that happened.

They ran the paperwork and showed me on paper that it was Walmart that had charged me again, and not the bank. So now I have to dispute the charge against Walmart.


Review about: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $81.


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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1195334

I just got charged 5 times.They wouldn't credit it even though it shows on my phone that they did.

It even has the time stamps. Two are for the same exact time and two more are as well and one is within a few seconds of the other four. Seriously?

They said I have to wait 4-5 days for it to appear as not pending but gone through.In the meantime, this takes my account balance down.


Walmart double charged me and then gave me a credit for one of the charges and I have to wait for up to 15 days to get a refund check from them. You can request it online or call them.


yup.. sometimes their credit card charging system doesn't work (or so it says so) then you will swipe again and get charged twice! now I have to call 479-277-2643 to dispute...


Yes I got charged $350 twice


The exact same thing happened to me!I am starting to wonder if Walmart is doing something fraudulent!

When my bank looked at the transaction it showed I went to two different cashiers.

Which wasnt the case.Also it showed it was deposited to two different banks.

Clarkston, Michigan, United States #648910

Walmart charged me twice for a package of fig newtons yesterday, May 9th 2013, they may have double dipped before, this is the only time I caught them.

to Ringo #1407554

There do this a lot on products o just seen my today!

Morganton, North Carolina, United States #632349

Debit CardI Ordered Some Couches Online Walmart.Com And Used My DebIt Card Yup Purchase TheM .They Took A Pending Fee That Day And Then Charged Me Again Whe They Shipped It To The Walmart Near Me.

I Called The Online Walmart Customer Service To See Why They Charged Me Twice They Said The PEnding Charge Will Be BacK On My Card In 7 Business Days And Its Still Not On There .

Im SodDisappointed Im Trying To Move But Can't.What To Do ?


ive noticed every time i buy my phone card online it charges twice then about a month later it refunds one of the charges on its own.i can see doin tht for regular debit cards cause they cant always see how much u have on it so its kinda like an insurance thing.

but when i use my walmart gift card thts linked to my walmart.com account, it does the same *** thing and declines it cause of it.so basically i have to drive 30 mins one way jus to go buy this *** phone card.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #436558

You guys are still complaining. It turned out that my husbanding seeing the shopping list thinking I had no time to shop bought the items on my joint debit card.

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