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I made a purchase at Walmart of $81.10. I ran my card thru as a debit card and it was declined.

The cashier told me that sometimes that happens, so run it thru again as a credit card, and then it was accepted. When I looked at my bank statement it showed that I was charged TWICE for the $81.10!

I went back to Walmart and they asked me if I had come in again and bought the same exact amount of $ of merchandise!!! Are you kidding me?? I said no, so they credited my account for $81.10.

I checked and my bank statement showed the credit.

The next day I looked at my statement (online) and it showed that Walmart charged me again for $81.10!! I went to Walmart and they told me that my bank had charged that last $81.10. They told me to go to the bank and to take it up with them. I went to my bank and explained everything that happened.

They ran the paperwork and showed me on paper that it was Walmart that had charged me again, and not the bank. So now I have to dispute the charge against Walmart.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $81.

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Yes, they do!


I went to walmart a few days ago and my one card was denied so I used my other one and I was charged twice! I checked my bank statement and they charged me $30.20 twice. I'm pissed off.


I ordered groceries online at 10am and requested they be delivered at 7pm. I waited until groceries.

And since I did it online, I had no idea which Walmart in my area was delivering it. I called my Walmart Credit Card (Synchrony Bank) that evening and requested it be cancelled because I needed the groceries at 7 and they never arrived. The customer service rep said ok. The next day at 8am someone else calls me saying they are on their way to deliver my groceries.

I said 'NO, I already canceled that. I don't want them now.' Still I end up getting charged for $250 worth of groceries that I NEVER RECEIVED!!!! It has ruined my credit and given me headaches for months now. I am beyond upset.

It's plain theft what they did to me. I want proof of a signed receipt for the groceries I so called received. Sorry had to vent.

Just wanted you to know that I truly understand. -Elizabeth LaRosa


Try shopping on a fire department charge card. Buying 789.00 worth of food for the screen to freeze and cashier put it back in.

3 damn times it wrong us. Last people wallmart to mess with.

Bank charged them with fraud. Shame on you wallmart.


Don not buy from walmart online! The same thing will happen!!


This happened to me. I was doubled charged but I think it was deliberate by the store.

On the 16th I made a purchase for $3.55 with my debit card . Then on the 20th the store charged my card again for the same amount though I was not in the store on that date and did not make a transaction on that day .

The Credit Union coded as fraud and refunded my money. Check your account if you shop there.


I had the same experience. I bought a bicycle online and selected “pick up in store”.

I picked it up, the next day there were 2 transactions for the bicycle. I contacted Walmart customer care and they said I picked up 2 bicycles because the tracking shows there were 2 pickups for the 2 orders. I called the Walmart where I picked up the bike and they directed me to a customer service number. The customer service rep told me to talk to the employees at the store.

I contacted my bank and filed a dispute with the charge.

The bank ultimately sided with me. I will think twice before shopping at Walmart again.


You made a big mistake buying a bicycle from Wal-Mart. They are noted for being of inferior quality.

You would have been better off buying a used quality made bicycle that was originally sold at a store that specialized in bicycles.Think about it. Would you rather have a brand new cheap crap quality automobile or would you rather have a used Mercedes Benz.




Just happend i spent 21 dollars had to run it 3 times on the same transaction because the screen was frozen and now i have three fees for same purchase on my bank account


This very same thing happened to me. The checkout screen froze after I had put my credit card in and didn't print out a receipt, so the person attending the checkouts told me to go to another register and run it through again.

Which I did. When I looked at my account I was, billed twice, one charge was on the last months statement and the other was in the "pending" state for the following month. It stayed that way for almost a week. I called Walmart credit card company and told them that I was getting billed twice and they told me they couldn't do anything about it, that I would have to take the receipt back to to the store and get them to correct it.

Since the register froze up just before it could print a receipt there was nothing to take back. Now I just looked at the account again and it appears they removed one but replaced it with another charge from last month for a item that I had returned because it had rang up wrong, which happens all the time at Walmart, as a matter of fact a California court ruled against them for not having prices ring up right, the court ruled that for a certain number of years that they had to give back the full amount for the purchase if it was under $2.

Unfortunately that has expired now. I can see why the Walton family has more money than the lower 45% of the country's population.


5/19/2019 They double charged my debit card 43.02, i havent called the bank or went to walmart to have this taken care of yet but i will tomorrow, this is a first for me its never happened before... Someone will pay me my money back tomorrow, dont give a crap who it is, walmart or the bank...

or im Pulling everything out of my account and moving it to a new bank... I will update this to let you know what the solution was.


I had 2 payments double bill (Walmart and gas station). If I didn't always check my balance like a crazy person, nobody would have informed me of the glitch.

I know this has happened to thousands recently, because it took 45 minutes to get a rep, who happen to "know" why I was calling.

They informed me it would take up to two days to get my money back they took instantly. This is the second time this year of problems similar to this.


I'm dealing with the exact same issue right now on April 23 I purchased a tapedeck aux it sounded like *** and had made a free in-store pick up for a different Walmart so while at that Walmart I purchased a fm transmitter and a few other things all still good w bank then I ran out to the car grabbed the tapedeck literally had it less than an HR returned it the next day April 24 my return was posted on the 25th I made an ATM withdrawal for bill then nothing but a deposit until this morning the 27th my Netflix bill came out I checked to see how much I had and my account was down to 2.95 there was an overdraft fee for a purchase of $5.42 for Walmart and a pending return of that amount the bank wouldn't nlisten and Walmarts store manager went through the whole transactions list from yesterday and my debit card or that amount was not on their list and said it's a glitch through their electronic payment system he called it a flashback charged and gave me the phone number for the main office for their banking system but they're only open Monday through Friday and my bank won't do anything about it even though it shows the charge and the refund all within like the same five minutes of each other they won't wave my overdraft fees until I have proof that I didn't really overdraft my account the lady at the bank just wasn't trying to hear anything I was trying to tell her so now I have to wait till Monday to see what Walmart's banking department has to say they're store manager that I talked to you said that I'm not the first person that it's happened to they've had it happened to several people and by looking at this at seems to be that tons of people that use a debit cards at Walmart this last week have had the same issue happen


And it's a shame too because many elderly people who are partially senile could get double charged like that and never even notice it or get it corrected. They could have enough money in their bank account to where they aren't worried about every dollar.


Please check your bank statement. On Friday April 19,2019 I made a purchase at WALMART for $93.90.

I put it on my debit card . April 23,2019 the same charge posted to my account . When I went to Walmart the supervisor wasn't very knowledgeable. She said it was a bank error .

When I went to my bank they said absolutely not .

So here I am out $93.90 while waiting to get this resolved .. I will be paying cash from now on,


Samething happened to me ordering from wal Thats *** just double charging you like that, alot of people with the same problem they need to be investigated....


Very interesting.. I asked if this happened before and the supervisor said it’s very rare. What upsets me the most is I get the impression that she thought I made a double purchase!!!


The same has happened with me. Not only once but twice , and when you talk with their agents they are soo not helpful even the manager was very rude.

Its pathetic to see such a big company and acting like frauds. I would advice people not to sign up for their autosave n if u do to be very careful since they charge your account twice and sometimes they wont even apply the autosave discount.


This happened to me as well with a online purchase 3 times...I don't shop at Walmart anymore in-store or on line..this retailer is criminal...