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I jus come back from Walmart in Salisbury NC / cashier told me that system is down and asked me to slide my card again / I did .When I come home I went on line banking and saw they charged my card tree times. I go back an ask supervisor to fix he sad I have t come back again in am because he has nobody to fix that problem .

I asked him to find cashier and educate her so it will not happen to other what happen to me / he did not. I have to go tomorrow again and spend my free time on something that I did not do anything wrong.

I will never use my card in walmart again.  

Reason of review: i was charged 3 times from my card nobody in walmart heled to fix.

I liked: I was charged 3 times.

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The cashier does not need to be educated on this matter, because it was not their fault. Those registers mess up sometimes. Be better off if you went to your bank and told them the situation.

to Anonymous #1050112

I agree, hopefully if the OP's computer glitches they think he is uneducated, but judging from his review he probably is anyway. Chances are if he was the one sliding the card it is him that needs to be educated. Whoever made the mistake, customer, cashier, or machine, this person needs to be educated with basic English 101.

to thissitesucks2015 #1089310

Site sucks2015, this issue isn't how well the person speaks or writes English, it is about being charged more than once for the same thing. Maybe it's not the cashiers fault, maybe it's the computer, the scanner, a bad strip on the card.

This has happened to myself as well and my money means something to me, I'm not just giving it to Walmart for free. You might want to come down off your high horse once in a while.

Are you a Walmart manager/employee?? You should stop judging everyone that comments here like you are above all cause you definitely not.

to Anonymous #1089424

If they are going to say someone needs to be educated, than they should at least appear educated themselves. Also you yourself are uneducated.

Just because someone tells people that they are wrong does not mean that they work for the company. Anyone over the age of eleven would know this. Grow up, just because someone tells the customer they are wrong does not mean they work for the company. You must have low IQ to believe this.

Since you have low IQ have someone who is at least slightly retarded instead of totally retarded click on his name and see he posts for other companies.

You are a hypocrite, you are judging him as well ASSuming he works for a company when he is making a valid point. The OP has no right to tell someone they need to be more educated when they cannot compose a simple sentence and use simple grammar skills taught in the second grade.

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