I was using the walmart self checkout and I was in a hurry so I was rushing through it, and I must of missed an item because as I was walking out I got pulled aside saying I was shop lifting. They told me that I didn't scan one of my items, and I told them it was an accident and I would gladly pay for it, i had the money on me.

So they let me pay for it, and I have two receipts, one with the item after i paid and one without the item. The employee told me everything was taken care of, now it's a few weeks later and I got a letter in the mail telling me I have to pay walmart a 120 dollar fine!

They arn't even charging me with anything, but if I refuse to pay the fine they will "escalate" it and press charges against me. Can they do this?

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Ontario, Canada #1307967

While it was an accident, if the item you forgot to scan was a $1000 flat screen smart TV they are going to be suspicious.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1307552

people make mistakes. its ***. if you offer to pay and had no intention of stealing it, cop it off with a warning and take your business elsewhere.

to Anonymous #1307966

While I agree with you. LP mostly catch people who "accidentally" forgot to pay for items more than once.


U know u were trying to steal this item. I work in retail and customers do this sort of thing a lot. U missed scanning an item, really now.


A store cannot give you a fine. They can ask for a request for a settlement but they need a court order to levy a fine. Read what they sent you very carefully and make sure you understand it.

to ransom Watertown, New York, United States #966202

It was sent by a law office representing walmart.

to Anonymous #966260

I am not a lawyer, but don't they have to get a court order? Or maybe they did and that's what they sent you?

to ransom Watertown, New York, United States #966336

I thought they had to atleast file a police report or something, but I guess not. They sent it under a new york state general obligations law, that protects merchandisers from stolen/damaged property.

Which is why I am so confused because there wasn't anything stolen, I was made aware that I missed the item before I left the self checkout item, they asked for my I.D., then I paid for the item and they said I was all set to go and there wouldn't be any problems. Right now I am waiting to hear back from a legal aide office still.


I will troll any place that I choose, but I agree with you that no lawyer will talk to you about this for $120. In my town, all stores prosecute shoplifting, period. Is it worth risking for that small amount?


Nobody "forgets" to pay for an item. When you go to the self check you are responsible for scanning all of your items.

If you go to the self check and you cannot handle that responsibility then there are going to be consequences to "forgetting" to pay. Anytime you leave the store without paying, that is theft, whether it was an accident or not.

You may have come back to pay for it after you were called out, but it was still stolen the second it left unpaid. You also seem to leave out the part where you filled out some sorry of acknowledgment or other paperwork because how else did they get your address to send the fine?

to Anonymous Watertown, New York, United States #964717

I did not fill out or sign any paper work, they did take my license though. And, I did NOT leave the store with the item, They stopped me and made me aware of my mistake as soon as I stepped away from the self checkout counter.

to Anonymous #1111794

Yeah nice one, but in another reply you said you were OUTSIDE the store when they approached you. That you offered to pay for the item but they said it was already OUT OF the store.

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1307968

THey never said that stepped outside the store, they said they were going out of the store when approached by security. That being said unless she left the store they cannot charge her.

to Anonymous #1564381

Not true. Read it again.

OP said "....as I was walking out". Nowhere in the post does it say he/she was Out of the store.

to Anonymous Watertown, New York, United States #964719

And, Mistakes can EASILY be made at self checkout when you are scanning many items, you move one across the scanner too fast or not in the right spot and it doesn't scan. The employee that pulled me aside told me that it happens multiple times a day when people are hurrying through self checkout.

to Anonymous Christiansburg, Virginia, United States #964760

Here's the thing though:

If you have a lot of items, it's best not to go to self checkout. There's not a rule against doing so, of course, but it's just best not to do it.

My wife used to work at a grocery store as a front end manager. People would commonly take buggies full of stuff to try and get away with not paying for their items.

to Anonymous #1111665

Been in retail over 30yrs....it's only shoplifting if u leave store...n he clearly said he had 2 show I.D....u have to remember mistakes happen, especially when you are rushing

to Anonymous #1111793

I wonder how many times she has "forgotten" to scan items at the self checkouts. I agree with you how are they to know here address unless she filled out paper work.


This doesn't make any sense.

to Hmm Avonmore, Ontario, Canada #964415

No, It doesn't. Which is why I am trying to find out if anyone else experienced this or what is going on with it. I paid for the items and have proof that I paid, it was just an honest mistake that I missed an item during self checkout, They told me and once I realized what happened I told them immediately that it was a mistake and that I would gladly pay for the item.

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