I purchased a Everstart mower battery from Walmart Feb. 15th. 2015. April 15th 2015, it won't start my mower.

Called the Auto Dept at my local Walmart. I was told that no receipt was needed just bring the battery in and they will check it for possible replacement. I took the battery in. Walmart had no means for load checking batteries, which is unacceptable for any retailer selling, and installing batteries. The department manager said my battery, although obviously bad, only had a 30 day warranty and would not be exchanged.

I wasn't trying to get my money back just an exchange for a non working new battery. So much for the poor warranty and bad service. This is my last Wal Mart battery! I'm done with Walmart and won't be renewing my Sams card either. I went to the Tractor store and bought their battery, which had almost twice the CCA as the Walmart brand. The Tractor Store battery worked fine, has a 6 month warranty and cost about the same as Walmart "NeverStart" model.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I have to agree, their return policies suck... I hope they go out of business soon!

to Anonymous #977412

What about the customers that can't shop anywhere else and don't have internet access?

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