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Walmart.... Trash employer.

I worked at walmart for three months giving 100% every minute. I was complemented often. I was even asked to play santa during christmas. I never complained even though i was worked so hard i had trouble walking after my shift.

I became very ill due to severe reactions to meds. I missed four days under doctors care with excuses. I called the absent number every time. When still ill i was told to go on leave of absence without pay.

I was not paid during my illness per policy. The day after i called to go on leave i was called denied and terminated. I applied for unemployment which walmart fough and fought. They lied about my work ethic saying i was often late and left early.

I punched in 10 minutes early several times and occasionally punched out a few minutes early so i wouldnt go over the time allowed. They stated i was terminated for not calling in....made up lie. I was diligent in my work while others loafed. I volunteered for extra work.

Walmart is a trash company deluding their employees with quick low level supervision jobs.

There seemed to be more managers than associates some so incapable all they know is how to put their hands on their hips and bark orders. Walmart is totally a trash company to work for

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Moscow, Idaho, United States #1302751

It depends on your state, but the Unemployment Department will usually side with the employee eventually, so keep after the unemployment, even if you were at fault.


Just a small hint so as to not make yourself look like to big of a fool. When an employer fills out an unemployment form they must provide proof in documentation. So if you get denied, they were obviously able to prove that everything they said about you was true!!

to Anonymous #1302389

They did and since I was late five times in one week and a took a few extra minutes for my break they are using that against me I am hardly ever late. Just that one week and a about ten days.

I was only late for like 15 percent of my shifts, compared to total shifts that is nothing. When I could call in I called in, but there were a few times 2 or 3 no more than four that I could not call in or did not want to because it took a lot of time.

They said I was late a total of ten times which is a lie because there are only seven times when I can count for being late, and by late I mean over half an hour. If it is under half an hour it should not count.

to Anonymous #1302512

Well it does count as with any employer. Just because you thing it shouldn't count doesn't mean it is so.

I truly sounds like you are at fault here. Sorry to burst your bubble!!

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