Selma, California
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I have cashed my checks at wal mart Selma ca for the past 10 yrs. yesterday..

An overweight girl who was working alone at the service area told me that my ca dl looked like it had a small burn mark by my lic # and she would not except it. I explained that I've never had a problem before & that I could see the numbers.. As I tried to show her. Without even looking at it again she restated I can't except it..

I'll help the next person in line please! Which I thought was extremely rude & un called for. Well guess what.. I went to a bank ( where I had no acct mind you..) and with the exact same dl cashed my check no questions asked!

And no cashing fee either! So that fat girl just cost you a valued customer because after she embarrassed me like that I nor anyone I know (if I can help it) will EVER shop there again!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Check Cashing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When you referred to her as overweight or " the fat girl". you lost all credibility.

You sound like a hateful bully who throws a tantrum when you dont get your way. She has a policy to follow whether you agree with it or not.

She was not going to risk her job just to please you. Calling her names makes you look bad not her.


I like how he behaves like a five year old by namecalling and he refers to her as a girl, instead of lady. Chances are if she is working that late she is over the age of 18. Not only that, but this person's spelling and grammar reflects that he is a child himself.