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Today I went to Walmart to cash my coins. After using the coin star, I took my cash voucher to the assistants over on the left side self check out area (the right side assistant was nowhere in sight).

I asked 3 different girls, all in uniform just standing around, if they could cash it for me. They all told me very rudely that were off the clock. As if it was obvious. When they were in uniform.

One of them pointed to the only girl over there who was on the clock, who seemed to be doing absolutely nothing. I asked her if she could cash it for me (keep in mind, that cashing a voucher takes about 20 seconds, it consists of putting my receipt in the register and giving me my money), and she says " oh I can't I have many things to get done" and points around to nothingness around her. She was just standing there! Not getting anything done!

Clearly frustrated at this point to due the strong disinterest the employees show in their job that they get $17 an hour for, I walked up to a cash register after someone was finishing up paying and asked if the woman working could cash it for me, very politely. (I had done this many times before and they gave me my money before the next customer, as like I said it takes hardly any time). She told me very rudely that she would help me after the last person in line, or I could go over to customer service and wait in line there. I stood there dumb-founded for a moment, highly offended that no one could even talk to me in a polite manner.

As I was pondering, she says in the most RUDE TONE "you can go to the service line and wait over there." Again. I was so heated that I just left, walked out. Going to have one of my friends go in and get me my money, as I can't even imagine going back there, for money or not.

The Wal-Mart here is the biggest joke I've ever seen since Bruce Jenner got a sex change.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Check Cashing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am a cashier at WalMart and we have people cash their coin star vouchers thru the self check all the time. Perhaps they could show you how to do this sometime and it would eliminate your need to jump ahead of customers who have waited in line.


I remember cutting in line once. I was sent to sit in the corner while the rest of my class had playtime.

This was years and years ago. Now I am old enough to wait patiently for my turn.


Well when you tried to cut in line what do you expect. I would expect an adult to know better than to cut in line.

I bet if it were you in line and someone was allowed to do a cash voucher you would be complaining about that. It is rude to cut in line, and as an adult you should know this. You seem to mistake being told no and not getting your way as rudeness. Also if they employee is on break they are not being paid so they don't have to help you.

In retail they have different jobs. I don't know why you could not do the adult thing and wait for your turn patiently. Also I doubt they make $17 an hour, where did you pull that fact out of? Then again you call the employees girls, when they were probably over 18, and if you don't know the difference between woman and girls I am surprised you think they make $17 an hour.

Get your facts straight they make minimum wage. This is retail.


Actually, it was all over the news recently that the cashiers are making no less than $13.00 an hour now. I do agree that this customer was rude, though, thinking that they could cut in line because their transaction would take less time than any one else's is just ridiculous. In the time they spent wandering around the front and arguing they could have waited in line like any normal person would have done.


I wish someone would have told me this. I am a cashier there and make 9.20.

Some dept. Managers make 13, but no cashier does unless they have been there years.


Hm. In my area all the cashiers got raises to at least $13.00 an hour.

Department managers make at least $17.00 an hour. I guess it varies in different areas.


News sites don't always report accurately. I retired and then took a job at Walmart to pay for some medical expenses and the raise we got recently was to $9.25 an hour.

Then they cut our hours! Ha.