I just want to complain about it taking so long to get checked at the Lafayette Walmart store. I was in this store today and it took me 22 minute's to get checked out !!

That is about 15 to 20 min's to long.one costumer left his cart over half full of items and said to *** with this and left the store !

I know that yall could care less about your costumers , but its the costumers that keep you in business !!! Management should keep enough people at the register's in order to get people checked out in a timely manner !!!!

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Blame other customers who get to the front of the line then need a price check, or have an issue with their card...or many other issues that come up...the cashiers can only move as fast as the customers....sometimes it is not the cashiers fault at all but rude customers


Ha you are obviously in the second grade and don't know how business work. They want to keep low prices right so that means having less staff. They are still getting business because of their prices.


You go to the store, you wait in line. It's gonna happen.

Other people have to check out too. Just be patient and wait your turn like everybody else.


So how many cashiers do you expect Walmart to constantly staff? If I am the front line manager and I assign 10 cashiers but only 5 are kept busy I've overstaffed and cost the store money.

Unfortunately you got the other swing on that pendulum where the data from weeks past showed 5 was enough and for some reason today it wasn't. Management does their best but they are confined by corporate guidelines and service forecasts.

So sorry Walmart doesn't keep half the cashiers sitting with their thumbs up their butts. Guess not paying for over-staffing is one way Walmart keeps their prices low.