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When to this walmart in plano tx at spring Creek and 75...customer service was poor. The cashier was rude to even say hi...he was keeping one of our bags...i noticed i was mising some eggs so i had to go back to get them. Very upset with this guy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I doubt he was keeping your bags, you were probably too occupied to make sure you left with everything you bought. I don't know why adults fail to take responsibilities for their own mistakes.

Why were you distracted, were you on your cell phone, or just tuned out? Either way blaming the cashier for something that is partly your fault is immature.

Also how was the cashier rude to you. Did they refuse to bend their rules just for you?

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KevinRichard , why are you too much of a fagg to tag your post anymore? Putz

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