Boise, Idaho
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Ya id like to say the the walmart security are the rudest and over reacting employes ive ever seen i had paid for all of my groceries in the process of scanning all my items machine messed up 3 times lady came over checked it and said I was good I got her blocked and harassed and put in the office mean treated like a street criminal because of some peanuts and sour cream that somehow didn't end up on the receipt even though I spend about $100 and in food stamps in the last y would I steal it it was an obvious mistake but they treated me horribly and I plan to take action towards it for the absolute bull *** i will not shop there again nor will a whole lot of people once im done puting the word out of the rud and uncald for behavoir and that is the caldwell walmart on ustick and blvd

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yall know there is so many different stories Goin on here I don't think any of you know what the *** you are talking about so lol get over yourself we will see when they roll back the tapes who is in the wrong every time so talk *** *** es can't be real face to face you are just a bunch of Facebook warriors lol pathetic


You are the one that keeps changing the story.


You say the prices are ridiculous, but it is not you who is paying for the food. Tax payers are.

What do you care. You did not earn the money. How do you know the people commenting are cart pushers? You are just ASSuming.

Then again you are obviously uneducated. Also instead of using your money for internet access why not use that to pay for the food that you find prices ridiculous for. Basically every store has the same prices more or less.

You cannot afford them because your food stamps ran out, no need to steal, just do without. Also since when is lipstick an edible item?


Innocent until proven guilty. If you weren't there, why would continue to keep saying someone is a thief? Just out of curiosity


I know it is hard to understand what this person is trying to say, but apparently from what I can make out this is the fourth time they forgot to scan an item, I would agree with you if it was the first, but this is the third or fourth time. Of course she would not admit to theft.

Now she is changing her story when we pointed it out. She is saying the computer messed up. Something is wrong with her story. Also what mother leaves their "sex" year old in the store alone.

Ever heard of Adam Walsh. He was left alone for a few minutes, and was abducted and killed. Also how do we even know this person is telling the truth, after all she lied when she said someone she does not know works for Walmart. If she is lying about that I wonder what other lies she is telling us and if she really did steal the items.

Or in her words "still" the items. Not only that, now this liar is saying that the person is telling another lie, saying I am the manager of Walmart because I told her she is wrong. This person is lying about that. How many other lies is she telling us.

She needs to set a better example to her "sex" year old son.


thake you, i never stilled anything, only my son did and he is only sex and did not know better, he put something in his pocket and the lady lied and said that i tolded him to and he lied as well and seid i tolded him to. is aid to do that after we paid for the item whch was lipstick and both my sex years old son and the lady who heard me said he stold that as well and i made him still the libstick and that is another lie.

I want the employee and manager to stop posting on her, they are scarring me. they told me that i could lose my sex year old son for this because i let him look at toys and i tolded hom to still the lipstick but that was a miss under standed.


And for your information I didn't still three times and get caught the 4th I said the text and the computer messed up 3x and the lady checked it out all three times even told me sorry that the machines have been messing up so before you go running your neck get the story straight so stop being anonymous and we can handle it knowing who each other is cuz if you are the manager of Walmart I think you're quite out of line or even if you just work for Walmart you're out of line so you have a nice day


You are remaining anonymous as well, for your information. That person clearly stated they are not the manager of Walmart.

Why do you continue to lie? Or do you think you are telling the truth because your reading skills are as poor as your spelling and grammar skills.

It must be hard for you to understand and read words that contain more than three letters, you probably take a long time trying to sound them out, but the person who replied to you clearly stated that they are not the manager. Can you not get that through your thick skull.


Why don't you learn how to spell. A 10 year old child could spell better than you did.

You must be a ignorant person. Not only do you get welfare that the hard working people have to pay for you are a common THIEF


im not ten you don't know how to read i did not steal i was accused fore times of stealing but your employees accuse me all the time, they also said that if i left my son unatended again they would call the police on me for child abandeing. my son is not a todler he is sex years old and therefore i want him to look at toys he can because he asked me to. if he was too ears old than they are right but he is sex years old and old enough to find me.