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Tired of the song, dance, and runaround. Went to my local walmart at 12:30am to purchase groceries.

Looking for certain items. Stockers had no idea where to find them. According to this store had all of them. On top of that when it came time to check out, only 1 register (out of 29) was open.

And it was half way across the store. And all enterance/exits were locked except for one. Truth be know, in an emergency, this is probably against code. For a person thats handicapped this a major inconvience.

Sorry to say but this will be the last time I set foot in walmart again.

I've voiced my opinion on the register situation before and you did nothing to change this. Maybe put some of the employees standing out front smoking could just go back and do what they are actually getting paid for.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Of course, at midnight, only one register was's midnight, not noon. It wouldn't be good business sense to have multiple registers open in the middle of the night when there are rarely a lot of customers.

As far as it being all the way on the other side of the store, that's a matter of perspective. For someone on the other side of the store, the register would have been conveniently right in front of them.

Also, I travel a lot and EVERY walmart I have ever been to closes the general merchandise doors, tle entrance and garden center entrance and only leaves the grocery side doors open after about 10pm. The associates standing outside were probably on break or lunch, which they not only deserve, but is law seeing how this is not a third world country.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #1009346

Even in a 24 hour Walmart not a lot of people shop at 12:30AM. Not to mention the more registers Walmart has open at any given time of day the more people they have to pay to stand around and do nothing when things are slow. That's more cost to payroll and more cost to the company that then has to raise prices and Walmart is no longer the cheaper option they tout themselves as.

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