Kemah, Texas
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I dont think anybody leaves walmart happy anymore. To have our receipts checked is so annoying, pointless, and makes you dislike the greeters.

I don't know what is accomplished by having our receipts checked. The greeters don't really look at what's in our cart anyways... I could come back next time with a different receipt and they would never know. If this little tactic actually benefitted walmart and prevented people from stealing I would think it was okay.

Instead it just leaves customers unhappy and annoyed when they leave wal mart. I feel bad for everyone that hates on the greeters now.

They used to be a nice touch, now they're just extremely obnoxious. This is bad for the business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is because most of the greeters are retard robots. They usually have some form of mental retardation and cannot think for themselves.

They cannot use common sense.

If you asked one of them to allow you to steal a television set they would. I am surprised that the ones that can stand and walk can even generate enough brain power to do that.


yes they sure are. that is so true


Pretty sure that everybody hates it. Just a few people who don't want to let their receipt be handled for an extra ten seconds.

Seeing receipts being checked deters theives.

If you're so upset about it, shop elsewhere. Easy.


Then don't shop there simple right!!