Lutz, Florida
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Went to the garden center to check out and get cash back. These tattooed, young cashiers refused to help me.

They even allowed the transaction to print up a receipt stating that my card won't allow the sale. They were laughing and speaking Spanish. Finally I left after she felt bad about being an ***. I still was only allowed the transaction with no cash back.

Truly disgusting. I will NEVER go to store 4928 in Wimauma, Fla.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It seems like you didn't have enough on the card with the cash back amount. So if your total came to $100 and you selected $40 cash back.

That would mean $140 would be taken from your card.

If you didn't have enough for the cash back amount, it will not work. You need to have enough or more in your account to cover it.