Pinellas Park, Florida
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Everytime we go to walmart they never have enough registers open and employees are standing around.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Same with my store locations long lineups. They want to save money this way.

This is why when we buy Ice cream my dad says to get it when we are third or fourth in line. Though they made the ten item or less area and that is faster if you have 12 items or less.


That is how it is at the Walmart near us. From what I understand in order for Walmart to offer the lowest prices possible, staffing has to be at the bare minimum.

If you want more staff, then you have to shop somewhere else that has higher prices since in order to pay for more staff, the prices on the merchandise have to be higher.

This is what you get when you want cheaper prices.

Yes, it is frustrating, but it is what it is.


They can shop elsewhere, but this is probably a young child living on allowance, and they want to save money. How do I know that this is a child.

They do not understand that to hire more employees they have to pay them, to make up for the wages to pay the employee they have to raise prices.

Also they do not know that big stores have different positions, some are cashiers, some are on the sales floor, some are cleaners. Ect.


Yep, and they're all the same, every Walmart. Went to pick up a dot com order and waited for 25 minutes to get someone to the pick up counter to help me.

When they saw it was a very heavy item (portable dishwasher) the person got upset that she couldn't handle the item and would get someone to get it for us. Totally understandable. But when the guy brought it out 20 minutes later he just left it there at the counter and walked away! What am I suppose to carry this to my car?

LOL The cashier again got a little upset and went to get another guy to bring a flat cart to help me get it to my vehicle - another 20 minutes. The guy shows up and said he didn't want to have to deal with it why didn't the first guy take care of it bla bla bla! What a nightmare! We decided to open the box because it looked damaged and sure enough it was broken, looked like it was dropped.

Now the guy is mad because he has to take it back. I am done with Walmart.


Are you even old enough to drive? If you were you would have opened the box before all this hassle if you noticed it was damaged. I agree his reaction was out of line, but he is probably tired of dealing with adults with the brain of a five year old.