Rochester, New York
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If I refused to show my receipt don't grab it its harassment no other store don't do this why do Walmart should use stickers that show I bought the item I promised if this happen again I'll return my items and take my money else where... Reporting from Rochester NY

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Waaaa. Waaaaa.

I'm a big baby...

They want to see my receipt... Waaaaa waaaa...stop stealing and you'll be fine!


To the first comment made: If a cashier or door greeter asked for your receipt that is not their job. It is the job of loss prevention to ask for receipts as you exit the store.

It is not up to them to know or not know who is stealing that job again falls under loss prevention.

If an employee that does not have sufficient training in theft and accuses you of stealing with out proof and you prove you did not steal they would be in a world of hurt. Accusing any one of theft with out substantial proof is a touchy subject and best handled by police and or loss prevention.


Asking to show a receipt is not accusing anyone of theft. Loss prevention is not at the front of the store, but the greeters are.

It should not be a big deal to show your receipt and go on about your day. They are not trying to accuse anyone of any wrong doing.


Frys does it and I have been asked to show my receipt as well from Walmart. As much as I don't agree with it I do understand it's need and purpose.

I too feel as though they are accusing me of theft and feel if they do it one do it to all.

Besides if your not hiding anything whats the big deal. To forcefully grab a receipt from your hands is not harassment, it is a form of assault and the employee in question could get in some serious hot water with behavior like that.


How else will they know you're not just walking out with the merchandise? Unless you didn't have a receipt, then that's a whole different story.

Why make a butt of yourself when they are only trying to do their job?

You have more problems than just not wanting to show a receipt you should have had in your hand anyway.