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Sharon Clements

Yesterday January 28th 2016 I went shopping at the Wal-Mart in Tampa Florida at 1505 N Dale Mabry Hwy. I went shopping without my husband for the first time in 2 years due to him having an infection in his hip. I spent $190.00 at your store during my trip. I did the self checkout and forgot my cat food and litter under the cart. I grabbed the soda but merely forgot the food & litter in the back. There were two women working at the register who didn't mention it to me and there was no one at the door to check my receipt. The loss prevention gentlemen And a police officer were standing outside the door and said goodbye to me, I politely smiled and said goodbye to them too. As soon as I got to my car the loss prevention gentlemen ran up to me and grabbed my receipt and asked about the cat products. I told them it was my mistake and I'd like to go pay for them. Instead they escorted me to their office and pressured me into signing documents that said I admitted to stealing and I have to pay a $408.33 fine in 48 hours! Even though the two products together only cost $25. Even after that awful experience I asked them to please leave the cat food and litter so I could go pay for it real quick. The loss prevention gentlemen said "just wait until we get there, ok?" And at the end they called a store associate up to the office to have him take the products back. I was so upset about this store experience I went to the pet smart across the street and bought my products there. The loss prevention team treated me like a criminal. At the SAME time they were hassling me in their office they spotted a gentlemen shoving items in his pants, they grabbed him and made him wait outside the office instead of just letting me pay for the tens I missed. Thy went down my entire receipt and found I paid for EVERYTHING after they went through everything they ended up smashing my bread, ripping my bags so when I went to take my groceries into my home they spilled outside, my entire cart was melted by the time they finally let me leave, and they spilled my blueberries all over my bag. The police officer was very nice and treated me respectfully I have no issue with the police officer. Your loss prevention team set me up, instead of calling the register and asking them to remind me of the items in the back underneath my cart or having a door checker remind me, they waited outside to come and grab me and embarrass me by escorting me back inside and ruining my $190.00 worth of groceries. If I wasn't so embarrassed I would have marched back in and returned all my items and used the winn dixie a block over. Due to the stress and embarrassment I just wanted to go home. You can even check the video I didn't do anything immorally. It was a sheer mistake and your store's loss prevention team made me feel like a common criminal. Not to mention they never even told me their names!! They didn't talk to me the whole time, didn't ask what happened, didn't look at me or ask me anything. They joked back and forth with the police officer and each other. After they verified my cart they had me in their office for another 20 minutes without saying a word until they handed me a $408.33 fine and 48 hours to pay for it. First of all how is anyone suppose to come up with that money in 48 hours? I work 48 hours a week and I pay my bills and support my family, I don't have $408.33 just laying around to scrounge up because I forgot to pay for my cat food and litter. Once I went to put it in my car I would have realized it and gone back in to pay it. Your team clearly set me up so they could get their bonus or whatever it is that they get for "catching" me. I had my credit card on me there was no reason for them to lock me away in an office when I WANTED to pay for the items. You can watch me walk through the entire store up until I walk out that door, at no point was I shady or suspicious. I wasn't "hiding" anything. Everyone has made this mistake before, just because your team noticed me do it doesn't mean I should be fined and treated this way. All they had to do was remind me at either check points that your staff is responsible for, the register or the door checker. All of YOUR team members in both departments failed me as a customer and you as a company. They get paid to watch customers and help them with items both in and under their carts, you'd think that out of five of your employees someone would have noticed I forgot my cat items. Instead of your loss prevention team calling someone to remind me they chased me down to my car to slap me with a $408.33 fine! I've been a loyal Wal-Mart customer my whole life and due to this experience I will never shop at your store again and I will make sure to tell everyone I come in contact with about this awful experience.

Sharon Clements

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is why I NEVER shop at wal-mart!

It's a *** company that is owned by a greedy family and treats its employees like ***!


You left without paying. They treated you like a thief because you acted like one.

You shouldn't go through self pay with $190.00 worth of stuff, your story doesn't even make sense.

They caught you, just own up to it.

You are the only one acting inappropriately here.


Failed you as a customer? Hmm, we'll see about that...

Customer - A person or organization that *buys* goods or services from a store or business.

Buy - Obtain in exchange for payment.

Criminal - A person who has committed a crime.

So, who failed? People shouldn't have to pay for YOUR mistakes.

It's called profit sharing but you shouldn't steal anyways. Or in your case, "forget".

Like that actually happened...


You had your chance to pay for the cat food, and litter but you "forgot" to pay for it. You are an adult they don't need to remind you that you should pay for all the items.

They get the same excuse all the time. You are just upset that you got caught. Take responsibility and accept the consequences for your actions.

If Loss prevention was watching you chances are this is not the first time you "forgot" to pay for an item at the self checkouts.


OMG yeah this is the third maybe fourth time I forgot to pay for the items, but once it leaves the store the fault is theirs for not reminding me, so technically those other two times I was not stealing. I had no intent to steal, just forgot that I had items(water, pop) under my cart.

But once it leaves the store and they don't stop me it is mine since they did not remind me of the water or pop.


What? IF this is real, it's easily the stupidest post I've ever seen.


If you make it outside it's legally yours? Really?


I can't stand when people call drinks "pop" sounds ignorant


There is something called integrity. Even though they missed it, I would have returned and paid for it.

That's the right thing to do. Rather than act like you have this huge sense of entitlement.