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Why is it that there are always plenty of managers hanging around, yet there are never enough cashiers?? As customers, we can stand in line for several minutes and no one cares?

I have called the store from my place in line and ask to speak to the manager...then complain!! Most times extra cashiers appear! A MIRACLE!! I always look at the number of cashiers at the registers before I even think of shopping!!

SO, either beware if you see too few cashiers, or call from your place in line! Try it, you may cut your wait time by several minutes!!

On a positive note, the stores are much cleaner and organized than ever before!!

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canadian shopper

They have millions of complaints, suggestions on what to sell. The world does not revolve around you.

Most issues are silly such and written by impatient people who can't wait in line for five minutes. They go when the store is busiest and complain. Then they have to deal with nutcases such as Mslea and blackdontcrack whom I suspect are the same people only they don't know it having multiple personality disorder. The big boss not hiding, he is probably dealing with another *** who can't read the back of the receipt, like that lady who wanted to return a video game her son opened her son who is 14 who purchased with his father.

The father thought it was okay for him to play an M rated game but the mother did not. So she tried to open a returned open game and threw a temper tantrum which her other son who was probably five is even too old enough to throw. Wait you turn, act your age. Besides I don't see the problem with her son playing that game I am two years younger and I have played the game and my parents don't care.

They lady was divorced and probably just wanted to make the father look like a bad parent when it was her throwing a temper tantrum because they refused to break the law for her. To top it off she had no receipt. I told her about this site, hopefully she posts her story.

Little does she know if she does she will be set up to be laughed at. She said she will post here.


yes i agree there are more managers standing around doing nothing ask to speak to the store manager u get 5 peon mamagers and the big boss hides try sending them an email haha it has been over a month and no one even bothers to answer to u

they need rto hire more people pay better wages to keep people ot close the store


MsLea, it's only a problem for childish and impatient people like you.


This isn't just a problem in Chicago, it is all over.


well there you go, BigBruce explained it for you. next time, buy some tissues for those tears while you wait a whole 5-10 minutes to get out of the store.

it's like people have no problem staring at a product for an hour like it's something they've never seen before but then they get pissed because they have to wait in line for 5 minutes. well maybe if people didn't all go up to registers at the same time like they always do.


Hey I saw some blacks who are impatient. These four black teenaged girls were trying to hurry a crippled man. They told him to walk faster or they would break his legs and he would be more crippled and they made fun of the way he walked.


No one is forcing you to shop at Wal-Mart and no one would miss you if you went somewhere else.

If you have a problem with the lack of cashiers, put in an application and help them out. Otherwise shut up.


You honkies and your greed and impatience!!


If they had more cashiers than you would complain that they raised the prices to pay these cashiers. There is just no pleasing losers and idiots.


The idiots at Wal-Mart's Home Office give us X hours to schedule cashiers, when we need X+250 hours. We also have to factor in call-offs at the number of cashiers available to check people out.

Meanwhile, Home Office will give us Y hours for lawn and garden, while we need Y-50 hours in L & G.

And it's not as simple as telling the L&G associate to be cashier for a day - when we send a floor associate to run register, we get a report at the end of the week telling us how many hours non-cashiers were signed onto front-end registers for our department. If we send too many floor associates to the front, we lose hours for our department (and the hours given for us in apparel and electronics is already poor at best at our store).

And the reason why you see more cashiers only after a complaint is that floor associates are only called to the front as a last-resort and by then, lines are stretching cross the main action alley.

In the end, its not the managers standing around the store causing the long lines - it's the 1D10TS at Home Office who have to micro-manage everything - from the schedule to the (non-existent) air conditioner to the freaking same ten songs that play over and over again on the loudspeaker.

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