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Hello my name is Eric i went into my local walmart and most of the time i get the hot chicken wings from the deli bar well i really was craving mashed potatoes and gravy but after what i saw what was being served blew my mind i just iimmediately went to taking pictures omg its so disgusting i dont want to ever eat there again im may call the news crews and or share these pictures to facebook cant make up my mind yet!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Chicken.

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I just got some chicken, okra, and mashed potatoes and gravy today for lunch at Walmart. The mashed potatoes and gravy were delicious!

I make my own potatoes and gravy homemade, but sometimes I crave the stuff at the deli.


As long as it isn't moving or sprouting some kind of fungus or turning different colors it is good enough to eat. It won't kill you. And who the *** craves fake mashed potatoes anyway?


Don't call your local

news call the United Nations!!


Honey, that's at every supermarket deli around, and not just Walmart......just make the decision not tobuy it.


You're going to call the news crews?!?! AHAHAHAHAHA.

DO IT! I'm sure they need a good laugh.

"We just got a call about old mashed potatoes at the Wal-Mart! Round up the vans!"


I can just see the news crew now deciding on what story should run, okay there is a man threatening to jump off the Sears Tower, there is an armed robbery in progress with hostages and a shoot out with the cops and there is Walmart selling stale food like the rest of these kinds of places, yeah they will pick the third.


What do you expect from Walmart? You're a blockhead.


That does not look bad!

First B

Then you eat it, has anyone notice, that not only from walmart but other places some of the food taste stale, especially mashed potatoes?

@First B

English please.


I agree this person is a retard, but even then if you don't understand what is written you are more retarded because there is nothing wrong with this retard's English.

First B

What do you expect some of that food is probably left overs from a week, they just put it back the next day to sell.