Durant, Oklahoma
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Walmart *** sucks! I don't remember the last time somebody came up to me and said, I'm sorry Mrs but your item didn't scan at the correct price.I went through a cashier, she scanned my items.

Load and behold the bread I bought on clearance scanned 2.48 and was CLEARLY marked. 74! I paid full price for a item that was expired that day! Other stores are being charged with this kind of behavior but NOT Walmart!

Why? I also bought a pound of chicken for 5.98 a pound but paid 7.98 a pound!!! Walmart needs to be put in check! I mean really people!

Watch your receipts!

Call them out even if it's for a penny! They are making billions off of us!!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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The prices are NEVER correct.. Milk was clearly makes on shelf for milk the unit price for every single one was the same, yet the price you pay per gallon varied.

(Skim, lowfat ect) I know they differ.. but how can unit price be the same per gallon..yrt type differ ..a gallon is a gallon..

the depth Manger could not understand.. REALLY ??


I understand your frustration and I have had the same issue, but with your attitude I wonder if you are even old enough to be shopping on your own? What adult uses words like "sucks"