Mechanicsville, Maryland

What happen to the great and quick customer service at the Walmart on Georgia Ave, in Wash, DC. On Wed.

11/26/14, I approached the hot bar to order Fried Chicken Wings but no employee was at the counter to take my order. When one of the lady in the back of the kitchen saw me, she did not come to take me order. I waited 5 to 8 minutes when a young man came from somewhere from another part of the store, and he asked me was someone helping me. I replied no then he said he will take my order a minute.

He disppeared in the back part of the kitchen; I heard him as the same lady who saw me when I first approached the counter. Are you planning to help the customer? At this point, I was DONE with the waiting game, so I left. Thank Walmart employees because both of you helped me from having a Heart Attack, Bad Cholesterol levels, and a Stroke from all that Fried Food that Walmart sale to the folks in the neighborhood.

And last week, I stopped by twice on two different days to buy Blue Diamond 98 fl. oz Vanilla Almond Unsweetned Milk but the shelf was emptied on both days.

WOW! Low inventory on a healthy products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Chicken.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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