Northport, Alabama

I went to the Northport Al office 12-15-14 I went a few days before bc they sold me reduced ground chuck made me and my family very sick I haf to *** work from my state job again this week bc I was also sold reduced chicken that made me sick again. They never even apologized or had any kind of sympathy for whatbI have gone through.

Also mothers day this year my son in law bought me a pork roast that smelled funny and I tried to return it with the original package and the meat they said they wouldn't be able to refund or even replace this 30 pork roast bc I had no receiptvI explained to them my son in law bought it for me for mothers day and theybsaid it wasn't their problem bc the weren't going to exchange it regardless of me having the original packaging and the meat. I was so disappointed bc that was our roast for mother's day. I am a very proffessional person I work for the probation office in Tuscaloosa AL an administrative support asst and I go above and beyond to help others. Well Iike I said I am not wanting to ever purchase meat there again my two grandaughters and a friend f mine all have had some type of food poisoining I only wanted an apology and my money refunded on mother's day but that never happened.

Recently I paid off a lawaway for my two grandaughters and I didn't have leave time to miss two or three days due to severe diarrhea and burned my leave that was for my Christmas.

I can be reached at my work 8 until 5 2057585561 or my cell 2058872313 I just don't want to go through this ever again. My address is 12044 Lakeview Manor DR Northport AL 35475.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Chicken.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I quit shopping at the Walmart at Northport due to the fact I had this same issue &I had my receipt they just looked it don't shop at walmart northport they are the worst


You are *** and deserve to get sick.


It isn't WalMart'f fault that you purchased reduced meat(by that I imagine you mean price.) What was the date on the packages. I buy sale meat at WalMart all the time and have never had a problem with it and the date on it has always had a day or two left before expiration.

Are you sure you didn't have good old fashioned stomach flu? That can hit with no warning. What in heaven's name type of office did you go to early? IF as you say you are a professional person(which I highly doubt) because your spelling is extremely bad.

Unless your illness was medically diagnosed you can't honestly say you had food poisoning. Also when you said you wanted your money refunded for the pork roast, you were stretching the truth, because it wasn't actually your money-----it was your son-in-law's.