Walterboro, South Carolina

Wal-mart helped kill CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! Christmas decorations out before halloween now.

Tired of Christmas before Thanksgiving. Not special anymore. Then every business copied, had to. So..happy holidays.


Oh, no christmas, no easter, no 4th of july, no halloween, can't offend anyone AND GOOD BYE PROFITS!!!! Shoot yourself in the foot?

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Stop shopping.. Everybody has Xmas out before Halloween..

Who gives a s.hit... Buy online...


Christmas is about some dude who died on a cross. What's the eff does that have to do with walmart. That dude never said go shop a walfart.


I have to agree with you on this one. You cannot even say Merry Christmas without some person getting offended.

Well they need to get the eff out of the country if they don't want to celebrate our holidays. Actually I have no problem with them not celebrating our holidays, however when they limit what we can say in OUR country when they are guests then there is a problem. Don't blame retail though, blame these ungrateful people who only come to out country to speak their mind because in their country if they did the same they could be shot or beheaded.

As for the Christmas stuff coming out, it is for people who celebrate early, like they are going to visit relatives early so they buy the gifts early, and to encourage people to start saving. However still people buy at the last minute and throw temper tantrums like a bunch of eight year old kids when the items run out.