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I have been trying to order xmas gifts from your Canadian online photo center and it has an add in the middle of the screen !!!! Not letting me do anything so i downloaded the supid add and it still didnt go away i am very angry i cant go to the store and order it because the opptions arent on the machines and says you have to do it online !!! I am very angry and need to these ordered intime for xmas

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Orange, California, United States #903873

It is you that is at fault. Just look at the terrible grammar and spelling.

Come on isn't Canada an English speaking country. Well at least now I know that it is not only us Americans that f**k up the English language. However I feel that the whole problem with the website is your not being able to read simple English directions.

Why not get a neighbor or neighbour as you guys spell it to help you. Someone who knows how to read.


Good grief... It's called spyware genius..

Your computer has a virus...

But keep clicking on random s.hit and blame Walmart... You're dumb!

to LouSkunt69 Orange, California, United States #903874

After reading the review it is not that hard to figure out that this person is dumb. However at least we know that it is not always us American's buggering up the English language. Ontario is an English speaking state so I see no reason her spelling and grammar should be that of a fourth grader.

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