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Recieved a back massager for christmas from my wife. she paid $38.00 for it at walmart, it last 1 day when I tried to return it they would only give me $19 for it because i didnt have a receit and they where marked down after Christmas 50%.

How many of these pieces of *** where given as gifts to friends and family that quit working and when returned where only giving half the price of the item.

There was a shopping buggy full of them at the customer service desk when i was there. Ill bet walmart doesnt have 5 bucks envolved in making them and is still making $15 for the ones that are returned.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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have you noticed. 99% of return complaints are when the customer does not have a receipt. If your gonna return it SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!


have you noticed. 99% of return complaints are when the customer does not have a receipt. If your gonna return it SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!

You people dont get it. If everyone realized how they where getting screwed, and not just by walmart but they are the one who has screwed me lately.

I have been a republician for as long as I could vote , and have heard the term wealth redistubution as they put it, money taken from the rich and given to the poor.

I dont see it that way anymore, The poor and middle class are being robbed by the rich and the congress and senate are letting them get away with it with scams such as this after christmas sale. :zzz

It's their policy. And that policy has been in effect for quite some time now.

Are you saying that they should change it just because you don't like it? If you're THAT opposed to a company trying to cover it's own *** and make money, good luck finding another place to shop.


So your saying they should just take your word that it was bought BEFORE the price drop? Theres tons of people who buy stuff on clearance then bring it back once the price drop is over with saying "I have no receipt to prove it but I paid full price so give me the full price back!" and if they just took everybodys word every time they would end up losing thousands of dollars to these *** artists... Thats the purpose of a receipt, to prove you purchased it and how much you paid...Without that your pretty much up the creek without a paddle


It is walmart, the *** Christmas items I am talking about are manufactored in china for walmart stores. Thats what is printed on the back of the box.

And $19 dollars isnt going to make are break me, its the fact that they are stealing millions of dollars from the american people every year and disguising it as an after christmas sale. And I have never recieved or been offered a gift reciept from a walmart clerk.

I have never recieve a gift reciept with a gift. The first time I was offered one was the week before this christmas at J C Penny


I work customer service, I always insist that a customer gets a gift receipt and they decline if you were conserned about getting your money then you would have saved your receipt or got a gift receipt... Walmarts policy is 90 days with a receipt and its not Walmart its the manufacter.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #98845

Welcome to retail! This is the way that businesses are run......NO receipt, expect to get sale price, especially on seasonal items............SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!!!!!


Ugh that sucks. I've been in that situation before (with wal-mart actually), and it sucks but all you can really do I remember to save your receipt next time. Sorry man.

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