Jasper, Arkansas

i have never been so embarrassed and mad at the same time. not only did they follow us around the store but they talked and pointed at us in front of other customers in the store.

one of those customers just happen to be my mother. didnt say anything and left,but i got madder as the night went own went back to talk to the manager and never got as much as a sorry. my girls are still terrified to go to walmart afraid of what might be said. they have never stole anything they pay for their stuff with the money they have earned,by the way they are teenagers not little ones.

the walmart in claiborne county needs all new employees and a new alarm that dont go off everytime you walk out,but wait a minute isnt that the cashiers who are suppose to scan everything. these need alot of help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #143381

our mommy also told us to steal and my younger to steal since she is 13 they would not be hard on her.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #142437

Actualy we did steeal something but we are mad we got cought. my mommy did not type this i did, and they were very mean when they arrested us and not all of us stole only my youngersister did.


Benton harbor michigan walmart is one in the same. My wife has worked in a salon in this store for over five yrs., i also managed a store in this walmart.

It never fails within five minutes of me arriving at walmart, i am being followed by the same african american male, every time. i have turned it into my own little game. i will puposely walk around aisles, just to see if he follows. It wouldnt be that funny, but i have lived in the area for most of the last 30 yrs.

I know over half of the employees in this store. I also know four of the managers. I personally have never been charged or investigated for theft at any time in my life.

It is very sad that walmart says this is how the keep their prices low. i refuse to spend any money at this store and will never return as a customer.

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