Springdale, Arkansas
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This is the first time I have ever complained online. I wrote a letter to Walmart, BUT, I did not receive a response( no surprise there).

I have Graves Disease, which if you are not familiar with it, has a whole list of problems. Among them, your eyes bulge out. On top of that, I was in a car accident and have problems with my jaw/teeth(from the air-bag deploying). Anyway.

during October of this year I went to Wlamart to pick up things for my kids for trick-or-treating, including "zombie" makeup. As the clerk was ringing up my order, she looked at me and started to laugh. i was puzzled, I asked her "What's so funny?" She said, "nothing". She kept on ringing my total.

She was a young girl about 19. There were a couple of other teens behind me in line. She then began looking back at them and "smirking". I was totally puzzled.

I paid for my items and left. I took about 15 steps and then realized that i forgot a bag that was sitting alongside the bag carousel, and turned to walk back and retrieve it. When I approached the check out that I had just left. I overheard the clerk saying, "I know, she doesn't need zombie makeup, I thought her eye was gonna fall out on the belt".

then heard laughting. I could only see the back of the clerk(so she was unaware I was approaching her). I stopped in my tracks, horrified, I turned back around and left the store. I even left my bag of (paid for )catfood sitting there.

I guess I should have approached someone, a manager or someone. But, at the time I was so close to bursting into tears, I just wanted the safety of my car. I am so ashamed of how i look, i know I look different, but I thought Walmart was a mix of all kinds. I wasn't shopping at Rodeo Drive with all of the rich and snobby people.

I was at my Wal Mart! Since then I do not shop anymore, and rarely leave the house. I do not go to outside activities at my children's schools and basically dropped out of life. My doctor has had to put on antidepressants for depression.

UNTIL you find yourself "left-out" of society ad overlooked because you "look" different you have no idea what it is like.

I wrote to Wal Mart. They have never responded.

I cannot believe that they have employees treating disabled persons this way. What is the world coming to?

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Treknutz you are so VERY wrong and a total piece if @@@@

How dare you call Walmart associates trailer trash

We are trying to make a living just as you are or are

You one of those welfare *** who live off of my

Tax dollars!!!! Before you start calling people names

Think of the one I just called you but then it probably

Didn't effect you!!! I want you to know I have worked

At Walmart 14 years and have raised my family WITHOUT

ANY government assistance my waged may not be top

Of the line but if you are frugal enough and don't think

You are the Queen of Sheba they are resonable!

As for the lady that was made fun of I am very sorry my

Associate treated you that way and yes you should have

Let a manager know right away because that is Unacceptable

any time!!!!!!! :(


Customers Flee Wal-Mart Empty Shelves for Target, Costco

Bloomberg Report: By Renee Dudley | Bloomberg – 12 hours ago.

"Wal-Mart's loss was a gain for Kohl's Corp. (KSS), Safeway Inc. (SWY), Target Corp. (TGT) and Walgreen Co. (WAG)"


FACT: Last month, Wal-Mart placed last among department and discount stores in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the sixth year in a row the company had either tied or taken the last spot.

@Why Walmart ***ks

Customer satisfaction is part of our quarterly MyShare bonus. If it was so low as you claim our bonus would be zilch. We max our bonus every time.


I am so sorry that this young woman was so rude to you. You do need to contact the manger of the store.

It doesn't matter what she thought she shouldn't have laughed or made a comment at all. She shouldn't be saying anything on the sale floor that would be hurtful don't matter if she didn't think you could hear. She was there to do a job, a job of customer service!!!

If you contact the store manager then maybe she will learn to not be so rude and not do this to someone else. God Bless you


A lot of the young kids are like that - they laugh and look at me because i have glaucoma and severe cataracts my glasses are so thick i have to wear a headband

to keep then on - i have been on meds. for 2 years for my depression - just remember and keep it in mind ( what goes around comes around). good luck to you.


Pancreatic CANCER you basically starve to death. But are still alive my mother passed away at 66 pounds.

You can imagine the looks that she received. Until these children have issues that they have to deal with they will be insensitive to others. They should get a lesson on how to behave at work.

I feel for you and wish I could take away some of the pain. Others care and you are never alone.

Bob B

I've been advocating a boycot of Wal-Mart for years. Never shop there, never will.

Cheap Chinese *** that won't last more than a year at best.

Rude, nasty, underpaid employees and an attitude that they are the only store on the planet. If you want to be associated with trailer trash, by all means shop Wal-Mart!

@Bob B

Not all walmarts are bad. Not all employees are rude.

And definetly not trash!

God forbid you need food or medicane and the only place around was a walmart!!! May God bless you


I am betting the cashier was taken by surprise and her laugh was reflexive. You have had time to be used to your looks, she hasn't.

As for her words, you were not supposed to hear it. The fact that you did and reacted the way you did shows just how much you need counselling. We teach our kids to ignore rudeness, and sticks and stones.

Practice it yourself. I am certain you have laughed at someone before and said mean things about someone.


How would you know how much time it should take for someone to get used to live in a physically challenged state? The cashier is young but no excuse for being rude!

She was working and shouldn't say anything on that sales floor that is rude at the least. No one is perfict.


Call the store manager. His name should be on your receipt.