Addison, Texas
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Walmart garland near i30, my daughter sick with flu, we went to thier clinic at 1230 noon, waited till 2 15 to see practitioner she calls scripts 15 min before we leave tge clinic then told another 30 to 45 min on the meds, took over an hour waiting in the waiting area my daughter VERY sick!!! *** customer service!!!!! Wont ever be back!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The worst is all my daughter was getting cranky and I started swearing at her and people looked at me nad said that is wrong, i told her that i would leave her in the store if she did not shut up and they called security on me. then someone said they was going to call the police because i was absing my daughter. I hit her hard in the face, and they did, this would not have happened if they did not make me lose patients and make me wait almost 2 ours.