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Out of all the clothing items (underwear, socks, 1 blouse and tees), NOT ONE item has survived over 9 days maximum!! The elastic on socks and underwear GONE after first washing in cold water, gentle cycle.

Seams, buttons, etc. come apart and holes in toes and/or heels of socks after ONE cold water wash!! I have 4+ year old Kmart clothing that's just starting to wear out. SAME brands and, in a few cases, SAME colors/patterns as the Walmart items.

NOT ONE of the Kmart items have come apart after first wash...NOT ONE!

I will NEVER buy anything at Walmart again! I'd rather go to 6 places for everything I need instead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clothing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The SAME items that I bought at places like Sears, J C Penney, Macy's/Bon, etc. were good for several years, also. The ONLY clothing I have ever bought that has come apart in a few days has been at WalMart....3 different locations!