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This is the second problem I've had ordering something from the first time was about 3 years ago I ordered a table and chairs that I saw in the store but they had none in stock so I ordered the SET online the description read 5 piece table AND chairs they sent me the table no chairs and I was charged for the set. When I called she was rude and said that what I got is what I ordered and they had no hold on chairs.

She said how do we know you did not already get the chairs. I said I'll take a picture of the table with us sitting on the floor around it " GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE".. this was never resolved. This time I had found a carseat at that my husband and I really loved but they were out of stock so I checked walmart sight taking a chance figuring ok this is only one item it's going to come in one box they can't mess this up...

I was charged my account 3 times for one order..ok so i called them and told them they had to fax a form over to my bank releasing 2 of the pending charges she knew exactly what I meant so this must happen often. She says ok i verified that this would be done today she assured me yes it would be ......5 days later still my bank has not received fax i call back ask to speak to a supervisor on hold for 45 minutes than supervisor tells me 5- 7 business days. i tell her it's already been 5 she was very rude told me to call back in 3 business days they have no way of getting a hold of the billing office..well I though that is who I was talking to.

I call back in 3 still no form faxed or received rep put me on hold 20 minutes. (Does Walmart not realize this ais a form of theft of funds because only 1 of the 3 charges were authorized and they are not complying to release funds thats classified as theft...) so how much am I going to get back for my time............

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $196.

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Have you tried 1800 Walmart? They would be the people to talk to since the actual store can't really do anything that I know of, Hope this helps and gets it resolved quickly.

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