Manteca, California
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Bought a refurbished computer on and had it delivered to the Manteca store. About a month after I got it home my desk top went black and I started to get pop up after pop up that the windows 7 system was "not genuine", Seems that there loading the refurbished computers with priated copies of windows 7.

Now microsoft wants 105.00 dollars extra to purchase the authentic activation key. When I contacted the ever so helpful (sarcasm) folks at walmart they blew me off and gave me the runaround, telling me to call microsoft or dell. These companys didn't load the fake windows on my computer WALMART did. SO I am spreading the word wherever I can .

Walmart is breaking the law by using pirated copies of windows 7. How much money have they screwed microsoft out of alone

Monetary Loss: $240.

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They continued to brush me off till I contacted the BBB. The very next day after I received a confirmation email from the BBB that they were following up on the complaint and had contacted walmart on the issue, Walmart contacted me and offered to replace the computer (which they did).

While I'm happy they did this, why did it take a month of complaints and nonsense to get them to do what they should have done in the first place. But the main issue is that they eventually made it right.


Take it back


Wal-Mart DOES NOT manufacture computers - they SELL them. If there is something wrong with your computer, it's up to Dell or whoever MANUFACTURED your computer.


BigBruce. You really don't know what you are talking about.

Unless the product was sold "As is" or with "All of its Faults" or through some other mechanism removing all express or implied warranties - the Seller is MOST CERTAINLY responsible and liable for selling a product which is not merchantable.

If a refurbished computer has counterfeit software - that is Walmarts problem. They should not be putting products such as that into the stream of commerce.