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So assures you your account and the information therein is secure. They further their assurances by telling us that we are completely safe in listing a credit card with the account.

Well......AMEX calls me/emails me/texts me to alert me to potential fraud on my card. Turns out they thought it peculiar that I had made three consecutive e-gift card purchases. AMEX allowed two of them to go through, but denied the third. Whoever the thief was who got into my account, walked away with 2 $105 e-gift cards by emailing them to an email account I didn't own, nor have on file with Walmart.

Thank God for AMEX and their system which detected the unusual activity. When I contacted Walmart about the fraud(good luck finding a phone number), the email replies I got back were "form letter" responses, one of which called me by the wrong name. I could get NO ONE interested in helping me, instead, they told me all of the steps I needed to take to pursue a resolution to the problem THEY created for me, to include my need to pursue reimbursement with my credit card company. I engaged in a protracted electronic conversation with one customer "service" rep, who was more than happy to cancel my account for me.....with no offer to help me whatsoever.

I SO wish people would rise up and crush this horrible low end retailer.

Their system allowed a hacker in.....and then took NO responsibility for it. shoppers/account holders BEWARE!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $205.

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Okay, for one, hackers will get into anything, why you ask? Oh, I don't know because they were smart enough to do so.

People *** into bigger companies than walmart all the time. My suggestion to you is to suck it up, grow up, and move on with your miserable little life because no one here cares.

No one here is going to deal with this issue for you. Life is still going, which means you should too.


Unfortunately, if you Amex or any other Credit Card is stored in your Walmart.Com acct, it cannot be used without having the 4 digit CID for Amex or 3 Digit CID for other credit cards. Ppl are so naive to what really goes on when you hand over your cc at a restuarant or other businesses. They take it to the back, write down your info, look up your address and BAM....they can make any purchase online...Matter of fact, you can buy cc numbers online...happens everyday...


So, did you two contact your credit card companies and begin the process of a chargeback or do we get to hear you whine about how everyone else in the world doesn't take care of you? Take responsibility for your lives.


i think they're just venting their frustration. no need to belittle them. :roll


Two years ago my 39 year old son died. In going through his papers I found a Walmart Visa card.

Doing some research I found that someone had charged over $500 on that card AFTER he had died. Gas, cigarettes, etc. My son didn't smoke. I called the Green Dot people several times and ended up talking to people in other countries.

Each promised to mail a copy of his statement. I sent them all the necessary papers, death certificate, etc. and never got anything in return. Even had an attorney involved.

Visa was no help either. I finally gave up.

I know who used the card and even the police detectives wouldn't help. :sigh


the exact same thing happened me this morning - I've being trying to get a human at Walmart all day - no luck, I requested my account closed (after googling how to) - its still open