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5 comments sent me a cancellation notice claiming they couldn't verify billing info, but it sure looks like they did fine because the charge remains on my check card despite them canceling the order I wanted.

Of course, the computer is now out of stock and Walmart has several hundred dollars of my money. Merry Christmas.

Trying to call the corporate number is a nightmare, an endless menu and then the system hangs up on you after you wait 30 minutes.

On a third attempt, I had some woman named Cy or something, intentionally hang up on me before I could give my name, saying "bad connection, call back." Unbelievable.

Sorry Walmart, in 2014 you need to have some form of customer service and shouldn't commit billing fraud. There are just too many better choices out there than help you line the pockets of communist China.

For customers with similar problems, I recommend just disputing the charge with the bank. Banks are the only people these companies respond to and work for.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $311.

I liked: Prices.

I didn't like: Customer service, Long waits.

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Christmas still came and the commies didn't take over! Everyone take a deep breath...

especially you Walmart lovers.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Yes, getting a quick refund is a common problem with check cards and I wasn't aware of this.

However, I stand by two things:

1. A charge Verified By Visa, shouldn't be canceled later. Otherwise, what is the point of that system?

Walmart needs to update their online billing system. You can't change the facts of this order to make your comments more powerful.

2. Walmart consistently gets low grades compared to other retailers on customer service. Try using the 1800 number.

It is the reason.

So yes, overall it is no big deal, but an hour waiting on that 1800 number to be hung up on three times will lead to these kind of postings. I look forward to the refund, thanks for the additional info, and hopefully Walmart seeks to prevent this kind of shopping experience.

Dallas, Texas, United States #920614

Did you say Billing Fraud?Seem's to me like you do not know your Address.WTF.How is this Walmart fault?

to Quinn #920617

Hi Quinn!

Yes, I know my address. I put it in the billing info.

I did the verified by visa dance and it was approved. They charged the card. Then they later canceled the order claiming verifying billing issues. They have yet to refund.

WTF exactly. Thanks for your comment.

to Paul #920872

When an online order is cancelled regardless of the reason, it can take up to 7 business days for the refund to show back up on your card. This happens anywhere you shop online.

You stated that they couldn't verify the billing info but once you submit your order, the money is immediately taken from your account, if at some point there is an issue with your card/billing info, the order will be cancelled and the money returned to the account. I don't like the fact that our money is immediately taken from our accounts yet we have to wait for our refunds to post but thats just the way it is everywhere.

You just have to be patient. You will get your money back.

to Anonymous #1080342

This just happened to me as well. WTF!

I use this same card to shop online all the time and even bought something on with this exact same card several months ago and had no issues at all. In fact, the card was saved to my account and I used it as the default option when I checked out! Name is correct, billing address is correct.. I can't even fathom what the problem would be...

This is ridiculous!

This was a $320 order and now I have an auth hold on those funds for who knows how long. Thanks Walmart!

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