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I ordered from Walmart.com because their website advised the items would be available on site through my local store. I thought this was convenient since I could pick up the Vizio 42" TV, the Blu Ray Disc Player, and the HDMI cable on my way home from work.

It wasnt till after I placed my order that I was informed that any orders after 6 pm could be picked up after 10 am the next day. I called my local store and I spoke to a lovely lady who scrambled to find my items so I would not have to make an extra trip. The local store associates were amazing, they tried, but unfortunately there is nothing they could do. Walmart.com stated they had the product, but, as the local store associate advised me, the only Vizio TV was the floor model.

I received an email from Walmart, com stating that some of my products were unavailable and "Since the canceled item(s) listed above was unavailable when we filled your order, your account was not charged for that item(s). Any authorization hold placed on your account will automatically expire in accordance with the card issuer's policy. Please contact your financial institution for more information." I called Walmart.com that night and requested they cancel the entire order and I would like to take my business elsewhere since I could not pick up the items at another location. I told that I was unable to cancel because the Bly-Ray was in fact in stock at the store.

I would have to return to the store, pick up my purchase, and then ask the store to refund my money, or I could wait 10 days and eventually the product would be returned to the store. The next day I received a confirmation email that the protection plan that I purchased for the TV and the Blu-Ray player had been confirmed. I called immediately to request a refund and double check on the status of my "authorization hold" for the TV. I was told this entire debacle was my bank's fault.

After contacting my bank, it was explained to me that they could not release the funds without confirmation from Walmart.com that the transaction was in fact cancelled.. Makes sense to me, right? Banks want to make sure they are not a subject of fraud...

Calling Walmart.com back, I was told they could not speak to my bank they had to fax said information and would not even utilize my attempt to conference call the bank on the line. After the trouble of getting a banking fax number and my account information, I called back Walmart.com to provide the information.

This time I was advised that since the blu-ray was in fact in stock, I could not cancel the order, and they would not fax any information to my bank to prove they cancelled they transaction.

I was sadly mis-informed by the previous agent who spoke with me (this seems to be a pattern with Walmart.com) I called my bank immediately back only to learn that Walmart charged me on 01/08/2012, but also attempted to charge a second time for the same transaction and amount of $800!!!

So much for a store that is supposed to be an staple for the blue collar, working class- American. While I sincerely appreciate the service I got from my local Walmart associates who clearly had their hands tied in the matter, Walmart has managed to lose another customer..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I am still waiting for a refund for items that were not available for pickup. I received similar replies, such as "unable to release funds due to hold". It has occurred to me that if Walmart.com gets even $1 from millions of customers, they really get over.